News: Rick Ross "Thanks" 50 Cent W/ Triple C's Album, "Crushing You Gave Me The Confidence"

Thursday, Nov 5, 2009 5:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rick Ross has reportedly offered yet another taunt toward 50 Cent in the "Thank-You" section of his Triple C's group album, Custom Cars & Cycles.

Shown via a scanned image of the "Rick Ross Thanks:" section, the Southern rapper said he appreciated his short-lived rap rival with the G-Unit leader.

"I have to thank all the haters who prayed this day would never come...," Ross' comments read. "I rebuke you!! I have to thank Curtis 'Woodface' Jackson...crushing you gave me the confidence I needed to take over the whole game! It's ours now... 'May all my enemies and foes stumble and fall' - Psalm 27 The Biggest Boss you seen thus far. ROSSSSSS" (Rap Radar)

Ross' group album landed onto the charts earlier this week.

Rick Ross & Triple C's new album, Custom Cars & Cycles landed onto the charts this week at No. 44. With seven days under their names, the group consisting of Ross, Gunplay, Young Breed and Torch were able to sell 12,000 records after a week in stores. UPDATED: Custom Cars & Cycles has sold 12,100 albums according to Nielsen Soundscan. (Sales Wrap)

50 had previously predicted the album to move around 10,000 units in its first week on shelves.

"Threw the death blow to Rick, boom, six months later, Triple C's CD come Tuesday, you gonna find what those numbers are and you're gonna fall out," Fif promised in an interview. "You're gonna identify with the death blow. They can break ten [thousand copies] if they buy some. They can buy some. I don't know [all their names]. We know the police officer. We know the one that got knocked out. We know the kid from the Bronx. He's the tough one, right? The other guy, he wasn't sure if he wanted dreads or he wanted a flat top...People are developing this thing with me where they feel like I'm the bad guy, like I have bad intentions. It's not actually true, actually, I'd like to speak with the kids and tell them, 'Please, do not be this. Do not be like this.' [laughs] You understand?" (My Place)

According to Ross, the rapper benefited financially from his taunts at 50's camp earlier this year.

"I made more money, you know what I mean, after you crush such a huge donkey," Ross said referring to 50. "I'm the only one that put out a number one album and we in this business to put out records and put up numbers and generate funds and as you can see, I'm putting out another number one album while [G-Unit] hasn't put out one. So it's elementary to me and I think they learned their lesson, they know to keep going, R.I.P. Hold up, let's give a moment of silence, it's only right to bow our heads for Lloyd Banks. I pray my career don't be like Lloyd Banks'." (Real Talk NY)

Check out Rick Ross speaking on G-Unit below:

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