News: Redman Talks Eminem, "I Will F*ck W/ Shady Records Because They're New"

Monday, Nov 9, 2009 1:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Def Jam's Redman recently spoke on his relationship with Eminem and explained what it would take for the two emcees to re-connect for a collaboration track.

Responding to past reports of Em wanting to sign him to Shady Records, Red also explained why he was initially willing to depart Def Jam for the rapper.

"I will f*ck with Shady Records, because they're new, I love Eminem as an artist -- me and Eminem connected a long time ago, and he doing his thing," Red explained in an interview. "And for him to even make a statement, or even have Redman on his mind, like 'Yo, he ain't f*ckin' with Def Jam, bring him on over,' I appreciate it. So my hat's off always to Eminem. If Shady Records woulda picked me up, I would went over there. It wasn't nothin'. At the time when that was goin' on, Def Jam was goin' into they little funk, they didn't know what was going on with that company. And as it is, it's kinda pickin' back up, but the love is not there like it used to be -- it never will be there...Eminem...that's my dude. Besides me going to his house, and we connected in the studio, I've run into him on many occasions. My hat's off to the dude...It's like whatever, man. I guess when the time is right. Eminem know I'm around, I ain't hard to find. Me and his peoples are always in touch. [Paul] Rosenberg and my manager...if I need Em, or really need to get in touch with him, I could do it. Whenever he reach out, "'Yeah. Let's do a song.' So it's nothin'. Paul, what's good, baby?" (Hip Hop DX)

Red previously joked about teaming with rap partner Method Man to jokingly sabotage and join Em if he had a tour last summer.

"Even if he don't put us on, we're coming in through the back door, jumping onstage," Red added. "Honestly, I'm gonna tell you exactly what that is -- That's how emcees make their money. Those royalty checks come like babies -- every nine months. Plus we enjoy doing shows. Anybody who's come to a Method Man and Redman show knows that we give 110 percent every time we're out there." (MTV)

He also spoke on the possibility of leaving Def Jam Records to join forces with Em's Shady Records earlier this year.

"Even like Shady, even to have that idea, or Eminem to even have that idea like thinking Redman was gonna be off Def Jam and he coming through is a privilege," Red explained in an interview last month. "Like, I will leave right now and go over there to Shady. I don't care, 'cause they still doing hip-hop and I love it. Anybody supporting it, I'm there. Big up to Shady though, but I ain't off Def Jam yet, f*ck. But I'm there though. I'm still rockin'. Come get me for a record though, let's make it happen." ("Dog & Pony Show")

The rapper is also prepping his new album, Reggie Noble 9 1/2, which will feature a few auto-tune samples.

"I got it on my new album -- I don't care," said in an interview about auto-tune. "Reggie Noble is doing the album, not Redman. Let's get that clear. Reggie Noble don't give a f*ck! He wanna do auto-tune. He wants to do a pop record. He just wants to do music because he loves music. What's the difference between Reggie Noble and Redman is that this Reggie Noble album is more conceptual. It got concepts on it, it got auto-tune on it, it got a pop record on it. I had fun on it. I'm just throwing it out, giving it to Def Jam." (Rap-Up)

Redman's Reggie Noble 9 1/2 is set to drop December 2009.

Check out a recent Redman interview below:

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