News: Redman Auto-Tunes New Album, "Reggie Noble Don't Give A F*ck, He Wanna Do [It]"

Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009 9:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Def Jam's Redman has offered some clues toward his new album, Reggie Noble 9 1/2, and said he has no regrets for using auto-tune on a few records.

From Redman's perspective, it is his alter-ego which decided to use the voice-enhancing tool.

"I got it on my new album -- I don't care," said in an interview about auto-tune. "Reggie Noble is doing the album, not Redman. Let's get that clear. Reggie Noble don't give a f*ck! He wanna do auto-tune. He wants to do a pop record. He just wants to do music because he loves music. What's the difference between Reggie Noble and Redman is that this Reggie Noble album is more conceptual. It got concepts on it, it got auto-tune on it, it got a pop record on it. I had fun on it. I'm just throwing it out, giving it to Def Jam." (Rap-Up)

Def Jam labelmate Ghostface Killah recently spoke on his Ron Browz collaboration "She's A Killer" and why former labelmate Jay-Z hurt the single's buzz due to the auto-tune bashing "D.O.A." song.

"I had Ron Browz on it," Ghost said about the track. "It was about a co-defendant of mine, she was real sexy and putting in work, real pretty and she'll slay you. She'll rock you to sleep and get whatever you got. She'd do anything, everybody liked her -- We let it out but then your boy Jay-Z came with that f*cking 'Death of [Auto-Tune]' sh*t and vocalled the sh*t and smashed my f*cking joint, you know what I mean? He smashed my sh*t with that sh*t, I understand, I felt like how Jay felt but when I did the record, I didn't care about all that sh*t, 'cause I'm just worried about me. So when he came with that sh*t, that 'Death of' a lot of deejays were on that 'Yeah yeah,' sucking his d*ck. And now left your boy out there with a record that would have been bubbling on some other sh*t though, you know what I mean? It's all good though." (Best of Both Offices)

Aside from music, Redman recently updated fans on the status of a How High sequel.

"Yo, Red and Mef, we coming too," Reggie Noble promised in an interview. "Thanks everybody for buying the Blackout 2! album and everyone who's wondering about the How High movie, listen, we're trying to get a deal for it. Universal is not allowing us to use the name or the characters because of paperwork, right, so y'all know the deal, we gonna work around that. But the most important part, the video will still be marijuana-related, and that is the very important part." (The Life Files)

Redman previously spoke with SOHH about his issues with Universal.

"As far as Universal, bad move," Red explained last spring. "Everybody that we promoted the [movie] to, all our fans, we thank you for listening and rooting for us and wondering when the new movie coming out but it's not our fault. It's a business move. Universal are not pushing. They're not opening that money door for us to shoot it. We promoted the sh*t out of that movie. We got the whole world waiting for a How High 2. [They'd] be stupid not to just throw money and say let's just do it because it's already promoted. That's the real deal. It's business, paperwork, not us." (SOHH)

Redman's Reggie Noble 9 1/2 is set to drop December 2009.

Check out Redman at the set of "Coc Back" below:

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