News: Rakim Respects Jay-Z's "G.O.A.T." Honors, "I Think It's Only Right"

Friday, Nov 6, 2009 3:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap pioneer Rakim recently shared his thoughts on Jay-Z being a popular candidate for the "Greatest Rapper Of All-Time" title and how Hov's success is a key sign of his talent.

Rakim also compared Jay's achievements to his own, which date back to the mid-1980's.

"I think it's only right that these new names and some of these other cats is gon' get mentioned in that circle," Rakim explained in an interview. "What I did and that feeling that I gave the game when I was at that forefront was then. The same feeling that I gave to certain people is a feeling that Jay is giving to certain people today. I gotta understand that the era calls for a different time where different people get the spotlight. My thing is, I just hope that what I did do is strong enough to last a few more years to keep my name in that loop for a few more years." (BET)

Artists like Mos Def have questioned Hov's "Greatest Rapper Alive" title in the past and compared him to Rakim's lyrical talent.

"My response was to me seeing an article where Jay-Z was referred to, with trade marks following it, as the 'Greatest Rapper Alive,'" Mos explained in an interview over the summer. "Now that don't have nothin' to do with me, but if you saying that, that's a trade claim...If you saying that, you saying you better than Slick Rick, whose still very alive and well? You saying you better than Rakim? You saying you better than Black Thought? People making that claim have never been in a position to defend that in an open forumn. I'm not talking about making a diss record or trying to go in on somebody's girl...When people start coming out and making claims they're gonna have to defend, like, who have you had to defend them against? It's certainly been with people not on your level." ("The Angie Martinez Show")

Cash Money Records' Baby also said his artist, Lil Wayne, has more talent and selling-ability than Jay in a recent interview.

"I don't think he a number one emcee in no kinda way," Baby said in an interview. "Wayne the best he do the most and he make the most money. I don't think no n*gga in the business make more money than us. How could you be the best if you don't make the best money, the most money and you don't do the most. Lyrically, come on man be for real man can't nobody f*ck with Wayne. And to me, if you number one and you aint getting no money it don't mean nothing. Who's making the most money. That's number one to me. F*ck all that rap sh*t. Sh*t, y'all got cold rappers you never even heard and then you got n*ggas who really can't rap and making money. It's about who's making the most money to me. I don't give a f*ck about the rest of that sh*t." (Tropical TV)

Hov recently spoke on why calls himself the "Best Rapper Alive."

"But when I say I'm the best, I don't say that outta my a**," Jay said in an interview. "I say that with all my stats behind me. I put that against anybody. I mean anybody. I really believe that...I believe in a lot of things. I believe that 'SportsCenter' is the best thing on TV. I shouldn't have to prove it. But I do have these stats to prove it. I'm talking about real run. I'm not talking about years off. I'm talking about straight--boom, boom, boom--back to back. We're not talking about heritage acts either. We're not talking about respect what I've done. I'm talking No. 1 [albums] 10 times. The Beatles is the only one [to have more No. 1 albums]. They got 19, and if I get a surge of creativity, I could make nine albums next year." (XXL Magazine)

Check out Mos Def airing out Jay-Z's "Greatest Rapper Alive" title below:

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