News: More 50 Cent & Tahiry Photos Land Online, "Guess Who's Gonna Throw Up In His Mouth This Time!"

Saturday, Nov 21, 2009 9:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

More photos of 50 Cent and Joe Budden's ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose, have landed online and stem from their upcoming "Do You Think About Me" music video shoot.

The couple's photos landed online late Friday (November 20) evening through various websites and blogs.

He sonned Vivica A. Fox, now add Tahiry, and while you're at it, Joe Budden's to the list. Revenge comes to those who wait. I guess 50 didn't forget all the shots that Budden took at the Unit. (57th Ave)

An accompanying Twitter image allegedly from Tahiry's page showed the King Magazine covergirl making a subliminal message.

"Guess who's gonna throw up in his mouth this time!" (Tahiry's Twitter)

Budden recently addressed initial photos of 50 and Tahiry in his "Russian Roulette" freestyle last week.

Can you hear me, I'm tired of n*ggas asking about Tahiry/She can do what she want as long as she ain't do it near me...Everything ain't what it appear to be/Leaking pictures of Fif feeling on your a**/But if you seen it like me, then you'd be feeling like an a**/So I'm thinkin' I'm fool by watching you act a fool/Seeming desperate for attention, baby, take this as a jewel/Since we no longer, you and Cotto get the same advice, need to fire everybody in your corner/N*ggas ain't worth my time, I won't respond to ya..." ("Russian Roulette" Freestyle)

Tahiry previously promised she would not talk badly about Budden in interviews.

"I just feel like -- I'm never going to speak bad about Joey," Tahiry promised. "I love him. Five years. It was a long time. We were just growing apart. We were not in the same zip codes. I just didn't feel like after five years we were building that foundation together. For a long time it was, 'Joe, Joe, Tahiry, Tahiry.' When it was beneficial, it was Joe and Tahiry. But you know after five years, you're supposed to feel like you're building something. I didn't feel like we were building anything." (Complex)

Check out 50 Cent's "Do You Think About Me" song below:

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