News: Lil Wayne's "Rebirth" Tracklisting Reportedly Leaks Online

Thursday, Nov 26, 2009 8:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The tracklisting for Lil Wayne's upcoming Rebirth album has reportedly landed online and shows the Young Money leader offering fans a dozen new songs.

While guest appearances have not yet been assigned to the tracks, reports show Wayne's "rock" project featuring his hit, "Prom Queen."

Rebirth: 1. American Star 2. Prom Queen 3. Ground Zero 4. Da Da Da 5. Paradise 6. Get A Life 7. On Fire 8. Drop The World 9. Runnin 10. One Way Trip 11. Knockout 12. The Price Is Wrong (Rap Radar)

Initially slated for a mid-December release, the project will now land in stores days before Christmas.

"*ATTN RT TO ALL LILWAYNE 'REBIRTH' AND THE YM ALLSTARS ALBUM HAS BEEN PUSHED BACK TO DEC 22..CMB/YM," Baby revealed to fans via Twitter on Thursday (November 19). "RT @ceelowthegr8t: attn rt this lil wayne 'rebirth' and the young money allstars has been pushed back to Dec 22... 'PRICELESS' NOV 23 'ALL OR NOTHING' @JAYSEAN....COP DAT YM/CMB." (Baby's Twitter)

Wayne's Rebirth will showcase a few rock-based features by artists including Travis Barker and Lenny Kravitz.

The set will be packaged as a dual disc along with the Young Money collective, We Are Young Money. In addition to Infamous and Correa, producers Cool & Dre and Develop also have tracks on Rebirth, while Fall Out Boy is featured. The latter comes after their first collaboration on Fall Out Boy's 2008 release, Folie a Deux. Lenny Kravitz, Travis Barker and Young Money/Cash Money artist Drake also appear on the set. Although the album is mostly rock inspired, with Lil Wayne playing guitar on most of the tracks, the leaked song, "Fix My Hat," produced by Drew Money, is one of the few rap tracks that made it onto the Rebirth set. (Billboard)

According to to Young Money's Gudda Gudda, a joint tour with Cash Money is on deck for next month.

"Definitely got a tour starting, supposed to be anywhere in between the 10th and the 14th of next month," he explained in an interview. "Its a Young Money/Cash Money tour. I ain't even catch the dates on it yet, I just know we goin' out on tour, when the albums drop. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be either as big or bigger [than last summer's tour.] We don't take two steps back, you know every time we do something we try to keep moving forward, more progress every time we do something. So, definitely might be either bigger, if not on the same level as one of the others. But its definitely gonna be a big tour." (New Lil Wayne)

Rebirth will now drop Tuesday, December 22nd.

Check out Lil Wayne speaking on his new album below:

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