News: Joe Budden Gets Personal On "My Ex" Song, "I'm Now, She's Before" [Audio]

Friday, Nov 13, 2009 5:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Joe Budden has provided his vocals on a new Kevin Cossom song called "My Ex" just weeks after his publicized break-up with King Magazine covergirl Tahiry Jose.

While not directly addressing Tahiry or his new girlfriend, Somaya Reece, Joey touched on moving forward from a past relationship.

"Check it, I don't know if when you speak no more," Joe raps. "Since babygirl found out about us that is what she support/The back and forth, it should be either or/All she keep saying is 'We can talk,' I'm now, she's before/What are the secrets for -- she wanna call here, really trying to be disrespectful/I'm laying here trying to sex you, she thinkin' I just met you/I tried to protect you -- new attitude, new year, she's old news -- you can relax, don't worry about a problem that don't exist no more." ("My Ex")

Speaking through a live blog cast earlier this month, Reece vouched her loyalty toward Budden.

"Don't worry because there's nothing to worry about," Reece said during a Budden blogcast. "And I know the feeling because I'm an artist too, when you're going through something, it does reflect on your music. But there's no need to worry about that anymore. Somaya Reece is in the building...Regardless though, with music, whether it's depressing -- the fact that you have an honest artist like Joe, is something that is very rare. And it's something you don't really see out there...Everybody is making ridiculously stupid music and I'm not gonna name names -- am I lying to you guys? I will be good to Joe, always. I am a very traditional woman. I take care of my man." (World Star Hip Hop)

He previously aired out his issues with Tahiry in a blog chat last month.

"My life is pretty routine and predictable," Budden said during a blog broadcast. "i don't need much, I'm not controlling, I'm not jealous, I'm not insecure, I'm not any of the things that Tahiry would say that I am. I'm like cool as a fan -- the really sad part about my entire five-year relationship that I am just now getting out of, you can call it arrogant, you can call it cocky, you can call it whatever the f*ck you want to call it, I was ready to marry my significant other. Let me just say that. Thank the f*cking lord above that that did not happen...It would have been a whole lot worse if I had married Tahiry. I went from being ready to settle down -- and now that I am outside of that relationship, it's easy to see that I spent five years settling." (JoeBuddenTV)

During Tahiry's Shade 45 interview last month, Budden called in to explain his stance.

"I haven't been updating JoeBuddenTV as much, these websites that I drive traffic to, they just really thirsty to put anything Joe Budden-associated on their site," Budden told radio personality Angela Yee. "They can suck d*ck. I'm listening... I wanna know what's going on right now, what is this interview about? It's about Complex online...It's now, people are gonna ask, whatever people that are representing you are using the break-up as a bargaining chip...It's looking like it's in bad taste, it's making five years a gimmick... You wouldn't like it... Tahiry, listen -- I didn't call to speak to [Tahiry]. Angela, it's not all about all fairness, Tahiry don't know nothin' about nothin'. She trying to be in a game where she don't know a thing about anything...So if you gonna use this as some type of bargaining chip, then you gonna sell a story, get a check for it...Let me tell you something, I do interviews every single day, every day, I do an interview...Good-bye." (Team Yee TV)

Check out Joe Budden's "My Ex" verse below:

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