News: Joe Budden Addresses Fabolous & Tahiry, "Leaking Pictures Of 50 [Cent] Feeling On Your A**?" [Audio]

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009 8:56PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Joe Budden has taken to wax in order to address recent jokes made by Fabolous toward his current girlfriend, Somaya Reece, and to discuss his ex-lover Tahiry Jose's publicized photos with 50 Cent.

Offering his own remix to Rihanna's "Russian Roulette," Budden takes charge and aims to address all spectators.

"No beef with Beans, not a beef with Fab," Joe raps. "Just f*gs that think I'm searching for a beef to grab/I'm too talented to reach for that/It'll take more than just some Tweets...And the streets are so concerned about me and Somaya Reece, they ain't got the whole puzzle, all they do is try to piece...Me and her gonna end up whatever we decide to be/Can you hear me, I'm tired of n*ggas asking about Tahiry/She can do what she want as long as she ain't do it near me...Everything ain't what it appear to be/Leaking pictures of Fif feeling on your a**/But if you seen it like me, then you'd be feeling like an a**/So I'm thinkin' I'm fool by watching you act a fool/Seeming desperate for attention, baby, take this as a jewel/Since we no longer, you and Cotto get the same advice, need to fire everybody in your corner/N*ggas ain't worth my time, I won't respond to ya..." ("Russian Roulette" Freestyle)

Declaring his loyalty toward Fab, Budden recently explained why he did not rush to offer a response to the rapper's taunts against Reece last week.

"The sh*t she was saying, it was a joke, she was making the same exact trending topic joke that she's been making, I thought that whole sh*t was really wack, really immature, really stupid, that whole sh*t that happened on Twitter," Budden explained in a blog cast. "That sh*t really made me look at n*ggas in a different light. But it put me in a real awkward position because Fab can make a whole bunch of jokes on Twitter and everybody will laugh and think it's funny, because he's just making jokes. And that's my man, the amount of loyalty and respect that I have for Fab is outta this world. I probably have more respect for him than anybody else in rap because he helped usher me into the game. But that was some sucker sh*t -- the second that I respond -- when I say sucker sh*t, I'm honestly not talking about nothing that Fab did, I may maybe feel like he went a little too far as far as some of them jokes went, some of them jokes really weren't funny to me. I'm talking about the blatant, f*cking d*ckriding that the fans were doing -- fans are such f*cking d*ckriders -- there's a lot of backstory and no matter what I would say, it'd look like I'm defending a girl that I don't really know or it'd look like I'm getting really, really, personal because I don't know how to do anything else but be personal." (Joe Budden TV)

Comparing Reece to Budden's ex, Fabolous initially "responded" to comments made by the model.

"Did this rebound a** chick jus make a joke about my teeth?? @somaya_reece keep my name outta Tahiry's v*gina, i mean ur mouth! POW!," Fab playfully wrote Tuesday morning (November 10). "Time 2 expose this 2nd place chick Somaya Reece... So she know not throw people names out without knowing the consequences... #Somayareeceis Tahiry but the sequel... #Somayareeceis a stuntman 4 Joe Budden's real girlfriend... RT @SessioniZill: #Somayareeceis about to remix Pleasure P's joint.. "Girlfriend Number 2"... I bet #Somayareeceis havin 2nd thoughts about f*ckin wit me... #Somayareeceis gonna go 2 Yankee games next year wit a Derek Jeter #2 jersey!" (Fabolous' Twitter)

Budden's latest girlfriend introduced herself to fans by sitting next to the rapper and declaring her loyalty toward him during a recent blogcast.

"Don't worry because there's nothing to worry about," Reece said during a Budden blogcast. "And I know the feeling because I'm an artist too, when you're going through something, it does reflect on your music. But there's no need to worry about that anymore. Somaya Reece is in the building...Regardless though, with music, whether it's depressing -- the fact that you have an honest artist like Joe, is something that is very rare. And it's something you don't really see out there...Everybody is making ridiculously stupid music and I'm not gonna name names -- am I lying to you guys? I will be good to Joe, always. I am a very traditional woman. I take care of my man." (World Star Hip Hop)

Check out Joe Budden's "Russian Roulette" freestyle below:

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