News: Jim Jones Responds To Cam'ron's "Dipset Is Over" Remark, "You Gotta Watch What You Say"

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2009 5:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones has shared his reaction to Cam'ron's recent "Dipset is over" declaration and said the brand could never die because each member carries a portion of its legacy.

Speaking with radio personality Angela Yee, Jones explained the importance of Dipset over the past decade.

"Listen to me, Juelz has the right to Dipset, just as much right to Dipset as Cameron Giles," Jones explained in an interview. "Ya dig? So there ain't no one person that can say Dipset is over. Ya dig? People just been doing a lot of YouTubin' and tryin' to get themselves hot. When you can't get on the radio, I guess YouTube is the next best thing. And tell me when I'm not telling the truth. There's no copyright holder...If I wanted to be a slob, I could have done some sloppy things...Above anything else, it wasn't just about me, Juelz and Zeek, there was a lot of people eating off this Diplomat situation...You gotta watch what you say as one person, because if someone was to take that personal, it could get ugly, ya dig? It's always Dipset, I am Dipset. I am Dipset, holla at me, whoever don't like it, I said I'm Dipset, I been Dipset...The Dipset is ours, we are Dipset, I am Dipset...This is not a publicity stunt, I don't go around sitting in shopping carts and do things like that. I go around and get money. If it's a problem, there's a thin line between love and hate. Ya dig?" (Team Yee TV)

Juelz Santana recently said despite Cam's remarks, he helped build the Dipset movement.

"I put a lot of bricks in that building," Juelz stated in an interview. "So my work was more than put in, so even if you can say you brought me to the game, well guess what, I gave you everything for bringing me to the game. I helped build that Diplomat building to the top floor. When you think of Dipset I'll always be in your brain. If Cam feels like for whatever reason he is too big to get over whatever happened, or he's too stubborn or whatever the case may be, so be it. At the end of the day, I am comfortable. I can look in the mirror." (All Hip Hop)

Last week, Killa said spectators should give up on requesting a Dipset reunion.

"When I shake somebody's hand, [my Diplomat tattoo] is what you see," Cam said in an interview. "Shake hands. The only thing that bothers me is when n*ggas be like, 'Oh, so you can be down with Dipset? They gonna put you back down?' How can you put somebody back down for something that they own? Keepin' it a hundred, Dipset is Dipset but Dipset is over. They gotta get over it." (World Star Hip Hop)

Cam previously addressed the fans and said getting back with his old crew was not possible.

"Look, I hear the deejays, I hear the fans, I hear everybody," Cam said in an interview last spring. "I'm not doing a Diplomats album. I'm not rhyming with Jim or Juelz or nothing. I wish them all the best of luck. Accept it people. The people don't wanna seem to accept it. I don't have time to do that, it's not happening, I'm not doing it." (NowWutTV)

Check out Cam'ron announcing the end of Dipset below:

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