News: Game Says 50 Cent Can't Beat Jay-Z, "He's Gonna F*ck You Up!"

Thursday, Nov 19, 2009 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former G-Unit member Game recently weighed in on watching 50 Cent go after Jay-Z in interviews-turned-diss songs and said his former associate would easily lose in a rap battle against Hov.

In addition to speaking on 50-Jay, Game also explained how he destroyed the Unit brand.

"[50] said recently in an interview that he'll never work with Game again but that's all him talking and his ego. I can't wait to mend the ties with Eminem. Me and Eminem had never been at odds but he had to take 50's side...I killed G-Unit. I killed the clothes, I killed the brand, I killed Tony Ya-Yo, Banks and Buck at that time. Like I really f*cked up a lot of money for that dude. Not only for him but my label, Jimmy Iovine, who at this point, I'm apologetic to...I already did that Jay-Z thing. 50's just doing what I'm doing. Nobody went at Jay, I went at Jay. Now everybody wants to get at Jay, not saying anything about Beanie Sigel, that's personal and I stay out of that...Jay-Z will f*ck 50 up in a battle! It would be so fast and over with. 50 is funny, but Jay is witty. Jay-Z is not to be toyed with. If he f*ckin' responds, if he feels like you're really pissing him off and he responds, he's gonna f*ck you up! He would f*ck me up, I'm just glad he didn't f*ckin' respond, so I didn't have to go dig in my f*ckin' bag and try to f*ck him up" (Complex)

From the G-Unit leader's perspective, the rap game could use a lyrical beef of the magnitude he would create with Jay.

"Well, it would be great," 50 explained in an interview. "It would be great for hip-hop. It would probably be interesting, but I don't think one of us will survive it. I don't have a relationship with Jay-Z. We're just both a part of hip-hop culture. We're not friends. We don't call each other to talk at leisure." (MTV)

Fif has been taking jabs at Jay as of late, most recently by questioning the emcee's international fame.

"There's not another artist in New York City that generates more interest than 50 Cent," Fif said in the interview. "If we go international, Jay-Z is Beyonce's husband. He became more popular and relevant based on the work that Matthew [Knowles] made Beyonce do." In addition to interviewer Harry Allen, the special episode also features Hot 97 radio personality Angie Martinez and sports journalist Stephen A. Smith holding conversations with Fif on a wide range of topics, including his epic SoundScan showdown with Kanye West, what he learned in his relationship with Vivica A. Fox, his new CD, Before I Self Destruct and his income drop according to Forbes Magazine. (BET)

Fif recently turned heads after calling Hov out on his Beanie Sigel "I Go Off" collaboration.

"Yeah, you changed man," 50 says toward the song's completion. "You let the money change you, Jay. You used to be from Marcy, [Brooklyn] n*gga. Now you a pass the Grey Poupon a** n*gga. You don't want the shooter? I'll take him. [laughs] N*gga, feed the wolves or else the wolves feed off you. Eat your a** alive! I live by a combat's creed. Strategy. Your move, n*gga." ("I Go Off")

Check out Game speaking on G-Unit below:

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