News: Game Takes Shyne's Advice, "He's The Reason Why I'm Not Ready To Jump Into Beefs"

Friday, Nov 20, 2009 3:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Game recently detailed a conversation he had with Shyne and explained how the former Bad Boy artist motivated him to sway away from starting up rap beefs.

Referring a phone call they had, Game said the rapper also reflected on his career.

"I talked to him for about an hour," Game revealed in an interview. "Just about his well-being and both of our next moves. What I thought he should do and he listened and held me on my thoughts and he gave me a lot of insight on my career and what he thought of my career from the several years while he's been locked down. He's the reason why I'm not ready to jump into beefs and controversy today because he kind of shed light on some different situations and it gave me a different perspective. Which is one that I respect being that he's been behind those bars. So we just chopped it up about life and issues and each other, man." (Complex)

The Black Wall Street member hinted at their conversation earlier this week via Twitter.

"Just got off a long call wit my brother 'SHYNE' !," Game wrote Monday (November 16). "Glad he home. he kicked sum much needed knowledge in my ear, so I'm off 2 a positive start." (Game's Twitter)

With his brother, C-Murder, currently locked up on a life sentence, Master P recently spoke with SOHH about his thoughts on Shyne re-entering the rap game after over eight years in prison.

"I think Shyne should really look at his resources and also look at what got him into the situation that he's gotten in to from the first place and disassociate himself from anything [which represents] negativity and any people that's negative," P explained. "I think he should make the best out of it and start associating himself with people that could really build his career outside of hip-hop because he's getting older now so he has a real short time frame to really win right now and also, hip-hop is at an all-time low right now where you're not selling that many CDs. I think he should get into TV, other opportunities, start a business and realize he can use his celebrity status to get into something else. If I was around him, that's the type of advice I would give him." (SOHH)

Upon his arrival in Belize earlier this month, Shyne's father, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, spoke on his son's well-being.

"When I saw him yesterday I really was stunned," Barrow said in an interview. "You don't go to jail for that period of time without it obviously exacting a huge toll on you but I really was shocked to see what it had physically done to him and clearly it will take some time for him to be able to recover from that experience. Not having gone through it myself, I don't know whether anyone is ever able to recover. But it was wonderful to see that he is free at last and good to have him in Belize. Although he appeared physically frail, it was obvious that he is mentally as strong as ever and certainly kept talking to me about what his presence here at home could mean for this country, what opportunities he could cause us to be able to, he could create for us." (7 News Belize)

Check out Master P speaking with SOHH about Shyne below:

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