News: Game Heats Up Dr. Dre Hype, "The Aftermath Is Bout To Do A Full 360 Again"

Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009 12:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Game has continued to stir up the anticipation for his upcoming R.E.D. Album and said he was placing the final touches with the help of Dr. Dre.

Writing via Twitter, Game revealed more details surrounding his forthcoming release.

"Goin back in wit Dre tomorrow to finish my album," he wrote Monday (November 2). "the MATH is bout to do a full 360 again. 'DETOX' is crack & R.E.D. is coke.. take a sniff me & Snoop's album drop on the same day. December 8th !!! if you havin trouble findin em. mines is R.E.D. & his might be blue lol.... R.E.D. just Cuba Gooding Jr. cleared for the R.E.D. album. you gotta wait to see what role he plays in this R.E.D. movie !!!" (Game's Twitter)

He recently discussed the album's overall feel and anticipation to drop it next month.

"It's just Game now, I took the t-h-e off, you know what I'm saying," Game confirmed in an interview. "I'm just coastin' through, day-by-day, somebody got a script, I'ma read it, if it fits me, hopefully I'll get it. I'm just day-by-day right now. I'm strictly on the color red, I ain't going no further than that, it's gonna be the craziest album out of all four of 'em and it's the most hood album...You know how we do it under the Aftermath umbrella, it be on the low, but it will be in stores December 8th and that's how we gonna roll with it. We're putting out two singles next week..." (Hip Hollywood)

Additional details on the rapper's fourth solo project have begun to circulate online.

Dubcnn has exclusive news on Game's fourth studio album The R.E.D. Album. First off, note that the correct reference to his name is now Game, it is no longer The Game. As for the album, the release date is currently set for December 8, but there is a chance that it may slip by one week. You can expect the first street single from the album as early as next week. The track is called "Crazy" and features Gucci Mane with production by Timbaland. The first mainstream single from the album will be serviced next week also. It is entitled "L.A. Girl" and features Chris Brown. The track was produced by Pharrell. Other guest appearances on the album include Akon, Diddy, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel. The rest of the production was handled by Akon, Pollow da Don, Cool & Dre and DJ Khalil. (Dubcnn)

Producers Cool & Dre revealed details on Game's album and expressed their intent to produce the entire project.

"It's a f*cking great experience working with The Game," Dre said agreeing with Cool. "To know that you have someone that you consider family and the music you guys make goes, every time. Every time, it's just a great chemistry. Like 'Hate It Or Love It,' it went huge. Our first number one record of our career. 'My Life,' Top 10. 'Big Dreams,' a record that didn't get no push, f*cking charted. He's dope, the new album is so retarded. We did some sh*t, we're going up there this week. We did a couple new records. We're trying to completely f*cking produce the whole thing, but you know, it's tough. People will step up their level of sh*t for Game. So you know, it's dope because it forces us to step it up...It's dope because he goes in there and writes a f*cking classic record. You know what makes Game dope? He respects the art form, he loves hip-hop so much. Like he respects classic records." (Jessie Maguire)

The R.E.D. Album is due in stores Tuesday, December 8th.

Check out Game & Gucci Mane's "Krazy" record below:

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