News: Funkmaster Flex On Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel Dispute, "I Think Jay Should've Let Sigel Go"

Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009 1:46PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York radio deejay Funkmaster Flex has weighed in on the current Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel dispute and said he understood the argument from both sides.

Known for inviting Roc-A-Fella artists for freestyles and interviews on his nightly radio show in the past, Flex shared his reaction to the artists.

"It's a hard position," Flex said in an interview, "[but] I think Jay should've let Sigel go in the first inkling that he wanted to be someplace else. I do agree with Jay-Z with something. He did allow Sigel every opportunity with the clothing line, record label and his record deal. And I don't think Sigel did anything wrong, but the game changed to where it wasn't profitable anymore with labels. The clothing business wasn't doing what it was doing. I don't know if he didn't do something or if the game just changed, because there were a lot of people with clothing lines. Jay's not gonna respond, he don't have to. He's the richest rapper and he just dropped a hot rock album. Let's keep it 100, T-Pain, I love T-Pain, I love T-Pain. I love Sigel. I love a lot of the artists that are out there and ain't nobody saying this album is wack." (XXL Mag)

Despite Flex's emphasis on the clothing line and record label, Beans has detailed his side of the story.

"The issue about the Bentley's, you shot yourself in the foot for that, now let's go to the record label I'm 'supposed' to have," Beans said in an interview. "You didn't give me a record label, all it cost is a couple hundred dollars to search the name, State Property Records, nobody owned it. I think I paid a couple more hundred dollars and I patented the LLC licensing company, so my record [company] cost me like $750 to say on a piece of paper that I owned State Property Records LLC and I did that on my own. You didn't give me that and what artist was on that label? So what did you give me? The clothing line that I had, I had 20 percent of State Property clothing, it's me, Jay, Dame [Dash] and the two other Russians that had the Rocawear owned State Property because I gave them an idea, pitched it to Dame at the time -- [Dame] was taking all the money from Rocawear and putting it into all his little companies, he did the same thing to State Property." (Power 99 FM)

Jay had previously responded to Sigel's claims by pointing out the rapper's achievements while at Roc-A-Fella.

"He has a lot to complain about," Jay jokingly said during a press conference. "Not me. Well Beanie Sigel at the time, and you can look it up if you like, just to be honest, was driving two Bentleys, I don't know how. It's impossible to drive two cars at one time with his mama in the sticks and selling 800,000 records. I don't know what more you can do for somebody at that point. What people choose to do when they attain that type of success, you know, at some point you have to look in the mirror and look at yourself. Beanie Sigel had a record deal, a record label, and a clothing line. And never went platinum, ever. I don't know in the history of rap has anyone done so much with so little. I don't know what more you can do for a person at that point. But a record deal, that's normal. A record label and a clothing line, so, if that's not pushing a person, sh*t. Thank-you." (La Rue Du Hip Hop)

New York rapper Lil Cease also shared his reaction to the dispute last week.

"i just heard that beanie joint dissin jay z just now..all i can say is damn!! i really dont kno wat 2 say about that..smh..its #hardbody tho that sh*t just thru my whole flow is the homie,but that record is crazy tho..i cant front!!! n*gga gotta get off his chest i aint mad at him...a n*gga got a right to his opinion..its a tuff still playin this sh* hate hearin sh*t like that tho..them n*ggas was tight!! but hey,sh*t happens some times.its about music wit me,i cool wit both,hard record." (Lil Cease's Twitter)

Check out Beanie Sigel speaking on Jay-Z below:

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