News: Former Mase Associate Attacks Rapper's Image, "You're Not Living By What You're Saying"

Thursday, Nov 19, 2009 10:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Mase associate Legacy The Jesus has broken his silence on the former Bad Boy artist and accused the emcee of shady practices while running his S.A.N.E. church.

According to Legacy, Mase would request his fellow church followers to donate money to help get his rap career going again.

"I was sitting in there for about 3 years [and] I know Mase very well," he revealed in an interview. "He dodging all kind of interviews if you really do the homework on him. He don't take interviews with CoCo Brother and different people because he don't' have an explanation for what he's doing...I'm sewn into your ministry, you pulling us in the back room asking us to help fund your music projects because he didn't have his label situation yet. So he literally asking people from the church to support that so I'm an investor at this point... you understand. And if you taking my money to do something contrary to what you told me then we got a problem... You can't tell me dog, 'Hey man, be faithful to your wife and I'm your pastor,' but I see you in the strip club with 5 h*es on your lap and your high. That's a false prophet. You're not living by what you're saying and people can take that out of context and that is what it is. I don't expect Mase to be perfect but I definitely expect him to live by what he's saying. You can't go out there doing that bro because people get deceived." (Hip Hop Wired)

Prior to reuniting over the summer, Cam'ron labeled Mase a "false prophet" and released the diss song, "Take Em To Church" in 2004.

"Yo, you try to handle us," Cam raps. "Get on the air and damage us/Screaming out Harlem (huh) like you ain't just a fan to us (Where you been at?)/Well let me fill you in, now it's a whole clan of us/Blink so mad, he went and beat up Canibus/Zeke got shot then Zeke locked up (then)/E got killed (what else?)/B popped up/But B hopped up and still broke out his chest/On probation, Doe on house arrest (what up Doe)" ("Take Em To Church")

Mase has promised his return to the rap game and most recently publicly reached out for a collaboration record from Chris Brown.

"@MechanicalDummy lets do a smash," Mase wrote to Chris Brown's Twitter account on Thursday (November 12). "@Mattd8 The tape is being dropped internationally and nationally next friday I DO THE IMPOSSIBLE...5 different DJ -> one in London, Canada, China, Korea and the US...The tape is being dropped internationally and nationally next friday I DO THE IMPOSSIBLE..The tape will be hosted by 5 different DJs -> one in London, Canada, China, Korea and the US...I want to do 75 records with people by Valentine Day... I want the record of the most features that were amazing... didn't say I had a hot mixtape I said I want my day one dudes back I'm tired of dealing with people I don't know --> thats all." (Mase's Twitter)

Diddy reportedly released Mase from his Bad Boy contract last month.

"It took me ten years to get this paperwork right here," Mase said in an interview. "I had to put this in UPS with a seal on it. I don't even know what I'ma put out now. Oh my goodness. We good, we good. This is Mase, I got my official papers right here from Puff Daddy, it was love, so I guess we don't have no problems after all. I don't even know how to take that. I'm ain't used to Puff doing good stuff." (Shuddup)

Check out a recent Mase interview below:

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