News: DMX Reportedly Slapped W/ $1 Mil Lawsuit Over Mixed Martial Arts Bail Out

Saturday, Nov 21, 2009 5:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rapper DMX is reportedly being sued for $1 million by the promoters who planned to feature the emcee in next month's Alabama Pride mixed marital arts bout against fighter Eric Martinez.

While details are still sketchy, Thunder Promotions have allegedly filed a lawsuit against X.

DMX's abrupt cancellation left promoters scurrying to find a replacement. Thunder Promotions filed the $1 million dollar lawsuit against DMX in Birmingham County Court on Friday (November 20th). Thunder Promotions claims DMX's cancellation has caused them hundreds and thousands of dollars and damages. (All Hip Hop)

Speculation on a possible lawsuit began earlier this month when the rapper was replaced by Coolio.

Thunder Productions tells TMZ they have signed Coolio to the upcoming celebrity boxing match scheduled to take place in Alabama next month. They tell us Coolio has been much easier to deal with and "he is going to take this seriously." X had previously agreed to the bout, but only on the condition he was guaranteed to win. (TMZ)

Reports landed online in September with X headlining the event.

Thunder Promotions recently announced that Alabama Pride: Butterbean vs. Tank Abbott is set to take place on December 12 at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Alabama. Headlining the event is a heavyweight match-up between Butterbean and Tank Abbott. Thunder Promotions also announced is a celebrity fight between co-headliners rapper DMX and musician Eric Martinez. (MMA Waves)

In addition to the lawsuit, DMX also owes roughly $1.5 million to the government due to back taxes.

The IRS filed a $442,869 lien against DMX and his wife on Jan. 2 in the New York City Register's office. The IRS filed a $663,554 lien against DMX on Sept. 10, 2007, in the Maricopa County (Ariz.) Recorder's office. According to the lien, he owes income taxes from 2002, 2003 and 2005. The state of New York filed an $8,343 tax warrant against the couple on Feb. 15, 2007, in the New York County Clerk's office. The New York State Tax Commission filed a $44,357 tax warrant against the couple on March 6, 2006, in New York. The IRS filed a $370,460 lien against the couple on Sept. 20, 2005, in New York. (Detroit News)

No further details have been released as of now.

Check out a recent DMX interview below:

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