News: DMX Blasts Music Industry's Biz Habits, "The Highest Paid Artist Gets 26 Cents Off A Dollar" [Video]

Monday, Nov 2, 2009 8:57AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Def Jam artist DMX recently spoke on his issues with the record industry and why most artists are forced to give up a large portion of their publishing rights and profits.

While not mentioning any label in particular, X vented about the music industry's cut-throat practices.

"The highest paid artist gets like 26 cents off a dollar," X revealed in an interview. "And they sell your sh*t for $20. I can't use my own music without getting your permission? I wrote it, paid a n*gga for the beat, I paid your for loaning me the money, I paid you back your money, now we splitting because you owed me the money but you own my sh*t. I don't owe you a motherf*cking thing, why is you holding on to my sh*t? And that's standard, get the f*ck outta here man. S*ck my f*cking d*ck." (Sounds Like Fire)

X previously said Jay-Z's run as Def Jam president around 2005 forced him to leave the label.

"I f*cks with him and had respect for him -- until he became the president of Def Jam and I ain't gonna say too much more about it, but you know what it is. There's a difference between doing wrong and being wrong. There's a difference between doing wrong and 'being' wrong, at one point you were 'being' wrong. N*ggas can't do it like we could, n*ggas couldn't do it like we could. N*ggas weren't able to -- we're artists. Jay is a talented motherf*cker. Don't misunderstand me. He is talented but he has no heart behind it. There's no soul behind it. It's motivated by money...But I still maintain the respect, because our birthday is in the same month and you know, we have history. But I lost it when he became president of Def Jam, that's why I left Def Jam...When you became the president, you hit me 'yo dog, the inmates is running the building!!!' You know what that mean, your mans is in charge...That's what it is, we good,' 'cause we had history. And then you go do that. You come down, listen to my sh*t -- we ready. Then you go on vacation. N*ggas take a picture of you with chancletas on. That's what you leave the hood for, son? That's why you walk out on your man for, son? Flip-flops? Serious? You serious? Real talk son, I respected you. I'm in my feelings about that. I'm hurt. I ain't ever talk about that." (Hip Hop Stan)

Aside from the music industry, X recently spoke about his upcoming Alabama Pride martial arts match-up against fighter Eric Martinez.

"We got a phone call asking if I wanted to participate in it," X said about how the opportunity presented itself. "I'm just gonna walk in as it is man, you know what I mean? It wouldn't be fair if I trained. I think it's three two-minute rounds...[My opponent] is shorter than me and I think he weighs a little more than me. I'm 175, six feet. I got a little build on me, you know what I'm saying? I've seen him, yeah I've seen him. He's a nice guy -- when I agreed to it, I didn't know it was gonna be him...I'm going to pick one of my own songs [to walk out with.] 'What's My Name.' I'm in the studio everyday banging joints out -- I got the pens and the paper. [New album] hopefully first quarter." (106.7 The Fan)

Reports landed online around September which had X headlined for the forthcoming fight.

Thunder Promotions recently announced that Alabama Pride: Butterbean vs. Tank Abbott is set to take place on December 12 at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Alabama. Headlining the event is a heavyweight match-up between Butterbean and Tank Abbott. Thunder Promotions also announced is a celebrity fight between co-headliners rapper DMX and musician Eric Martinez. (MMA Waves)

Check out DMX speaking on the music industry below:

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