News: Cormega Hints At AZ Collabo Album, "We Ain't Trying To Just Put Our Sh*t Out W/ Anybody"

Thursday, Nov 5, 2009 10:55AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Cormega has hinted at a possible AZ collaboration album and said their chemistry together could make the project land in stores.

Aside from AZ, Mega also discussed other emcees he would consider doing records with.

"Me and Beanie Sigel would body sh*t!," he revealed inan interview. "[Laughs] Me and Tragedy Khadafi, everybody says we sound like magic together. Me and Beanie, I know that would be crazy. Me and AZ sound good together. There's a few people that I mesh well with. But I'm definitely interested in doing a collaborative effort with some artists that's with it, if it's going to be dope. Not to do it for the check, cause sometimes you do it for the check and you don't put your heart into it...I just got off the phone with AZ last night, and I just came back from Europe with AZ. We was talking about doing some sh*t and last year we was talking about doing the album. But you know, it just never materialized because I was too busy doing what I was doing. Both of us were grinding and didn't put too much emphasis to it, and to be 100 percent real with you, we wanted to make sure it was with the right label. We ain't trying to just put our sh*t out with anybody. So that is something that could happen. It could definitely happen." (All Hip Hop)

Mega is known for having close ties with his fellow Queens, New York emcees.

An underground and critical favorite, Cormega was the rare hardcore rapper to win praise from all directions, and while he never quite crossed over like some of his New York City peers, he maintained a respectable independence over the years nonetheless, self-releasing his work on the Legal Hustle label. Born Cory McKay, Cormega grew up in the same Queensbridge housing projects that were home to a generation of rappers, most notably Nas, Mobb Deep, <strike>AZ</strike> <i>[Editor's Note: AZ is not from Queensbridge]</i>, and Tragedy Khadafi, and a previous generation that famously included Marley Marl and the Juice Crew. (All Music)

He recently made headlines after sharing his thoughts on rap newcomer Drake.

"I can't f*ck with Drake, I like Drake, I like Drake as a young man trying to make money but I can't take him serious," Mega explained in an interview. "Number one, he's rich. He's rich man. I don't like when these spoiled rich kids they just get into rap because it's something they can do but they pops got money and they put 'em in the game and then they start rapping about something, a life they could never live. Go do something else. I mean, sh*t, if I could switch with you, I would be the rich dude, the rich goody good my whole life. N*ggas like us rap about sh*t because we lived it. These n*ggas use rap as a hobby." ("Street Disciplez Radio")

Mega later clarified his statement and said he did not mean to indirectly diss Drizzy.

"This is getting way more attention than it deserves," Mega wrote via a statement. "I NEVER DISSED HIM...They asked me what do I think of Drake rapping on some street thug sh*t and I said I never heard Drake rapping like that. Then they recited words from the verse and I said I what I said which is basically the good kids or the rich or kids from good backgrounds should reflect that in their rhymes. Why would I say rich kids shouldn't rap, that's completely stupid and untrue? Rich people and white suburban kids buy 70 percent of rap so why would I want to offend them OR DISS THEM WHEN THEY SUPPORT ME! All I meant was I can't respect when people try to be street and they have no street history and the streets are dangerous as opposed to the places they grew up. Will Smith never acted hard but we still enjoy his music. Grand Puba never rhymed hard or glorified the streets and he's on my album. Anyone who read or reads any of my recent interviews will notice the one with the Drake mention is a complete contradiction to all my recent interviews and moves. I haven't made a controversial record in years and anybody who did a interview with me recently will tell you I'm against controversy." (Dime Wars)

Check out Cormega speaking on Drake, Jay-Z and more below:

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