News: Chris Brown On Jay-Z "Cornball" Tweet, "I Don't Need No More Problems Right Now" [Audio]

Monday, Nov 30, 2009 10:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

R&B singer Chris Brown has addressed recent reports which suggested he was taking a shot at Jay-Z by calling him a "cornball" during the rapper's last week American Music Awards performance.

According to Chris Breezy, his Twitter remark was in regard to a friend rapping at his home.

"Nah, my Twitter ain't get hacked, I think what people blew out of proportion, was I was also commenting on the 'AMA's' but I was still tweeting like randomly what was going on," Brown told DJ Whoo Kid. "So like, the homies were at the house and everybody's like, 'Oh, well he's making an excuse,' all I twitted, was 'cornball.' Like, I wasn't talking about homie at all. But like, the funny thing is, my homies was rapping and I'm like, 'y'all n*ggas are corny.' And I just typed it in and then at that moment, I started seeing the comments 'Oh you talking about Jay? You talking about Jay?' I'm like, 'h*ll nah, whatchu mean?' Then I said, let me delete this before it becomes another story. I don't need no more problems right now. I don't need no more people cussing me out. It was just people being on some extra sh*t, you feel me?" (Shade 45)

Tension rose last summer when reports suggested Brown was restricted from performing at the BET Awards 2009 ceremony due to Hov.

"i take nothin away from Jay-Z," Juelz Santana wrote via Twitter. "i dont wanna sound like a Hater but his swagger was on Zero yesterday. & i just heard thru the grape vine that Jay-Z said he would not Perform if Chris Brown was gonna perform... SMH Sucker Move I woulda rather seen Chris Brown come out & do his tribute to [Michael Jackson]. It woulda been the 1st time he Performed since ? I know he woulda Killed it. ok Tweople. Yall do the Math. MJ just died the show as a Tribute to MJ. so not only does he say he down want chris to perform & do what would of been probably the best MJ tribute, but he coulda atleast did H-to tha IZOO cuz it has the MJ beat and Put MJ's name in it." (Juelz Santana's Twitter)

Damon "Dame" Dash also suggested Jay may have been responsible for Brown's absence.

"Are you surprised [Jay would do that?]," Dame said in an interview. "Wasn't I his best friend? Did he do that to me? So he can't do that to Chris Brown? It's just a little bit more flagrant, but that's how he moves...I don't believe in publicly punishing people...At the time, maybe Chris Brown had some emotional things going on and somebody didn't teach him right. That's when you're supposed to nurture him and be like, 'Hey, that's not the way you do things.' You don't school him by punishing him, you school him by teaching him...He's taking money out his mouth. I'm sure Chris Brown is feeding a lot of people so I know a lot of people probably mad. You can't mess up other people's money, that's not fair and that's why I don't play those games. Like I ain't gonna call you out there, I'ma let people experience you. But then again, I'm not judging what anybody do, I'm saying what I would do." (SmackTube)

However, Jay later denied these reports and said blackballing artists was not one of his characteristics.

"We're all flawed human beings," Jay told radio personality Tim Westwood. "All a person can do is apologize...Everyone should be allowed to make mistakes, it happens. That [BET gossip] is the silliest rumor I ever heard...I was really sitting back and watching all these suckers comment 'cause you don't comment on rumors...That's not even my style. If I got a problem with Chris Brown, I got a problem with Chris Brown. I haven't said anything live or behind the scenes. I don't agree with what he did, that's it. But as far as not letting him perform at the BET Awards, come on, that's stupid, that's a sucker move...I didn't do it and I wouldn't do it, that's not how I deal with my problems, through using BET or record companies." (Tim Westood TV)

Check out Chris Brown speaking on Jay-Z below:

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