Pulse Report: Cam'ron Ditches Dipset, Floyd Mayweather Sons Rick Ross, 50 Cent Loses To Jay-Z & SoundScan

Friday, Nov 20, 2009 4:30PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, we're checking the last week to understand why Cam'ron is throwing in the Dipset towel, literally watch Floyd Mayweather, Jr. "son" Rick Ross, see why the "bad guy" 50 Cent lost to Jay-Z and SoundScan, peep Beanie Sigel's Roc slick talk and SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Never Can Say Good-Bye

It's a wrap, no f*cking joke. Remember when we all thought sh*t was going to pop off last June with a Dipset reunion at New York radio station Hot 97's Summer Jam concert? Don't y'all recall Jim Jones and Juelz Santana saying they were ready to do another album for the "fans" and sh*t, even Cam'ron said he would f*ck around with his old crew for at least the money, right? Well, kiss those dreams good-bye 'cause now it's official. Dip, Dip..Set, Set...is Dead, Dead....

"When I shake somebody's hand, [my Diplomat tattoo] is what you see," Cam said in an interview. "Shake hands. The only thing that bothers me is when n*ggas be like, 'Oh, so you can be down with Dipset? They gonna put you back down?' How can you put somebody back down for something that they own? Keepin' it a hundred, Dipset is Dipset but Dipset is over. They gotta get over it."

LMFAO. That's like my dude Dame Dash with "Roc-A-Fella" tatted on his body (no h*mo) or Game trying to cover up that G-Unit tat (wait, since Mobb Deep got dropped released, WTF is 50 Cent, Prodigy and Havoc going to do about those Deep/Unit tats?)...at least Cam is the one who really started all that sh*t, but what about Hell Rell, he has to count for something right? What's good with Killa and Jimmy, Ruggah?

"I don't know what the f*ck is going on with Cam'ron and Jim," Rell explained in an interview. "But Ruggah ain't got time for it. Tug-of-war ain't my favorite sport. I don't like a n*gga pulling me over here, 'Yo don't f*ck with that n*gga.' And then the n*gga over here saying, 'Yo don't f*ck with that n*gga.' I'm not with it, Ruggah Rell f*cks with Benjamin Franklin at the end of the day. So both of y'all n*ggas and everybody else that wanna put me in other directions, and it ain't for the money, I ain't with it/"

SMFH...don't make SOHH get Santana on the horn again, fool. LMFAO. Speaking of which, yo Bandana, what it do with Killa speaking that sh*t?

"I put a lot of bricks in that building," Juelz stated in an interview. "So my work was more than put in, so even if you can say you brought me to the game, well guess what, I gave you everything for bringing me to the game. I helped build that Diplomat building to the top floor. When you think of Dipset I'll always be in your brain. If Cam feels like for whatever reason he is too big to get over whatever happened, or he's too stubborn or whatever the case may be, so be it. At the end of the day, I am comfortable. I can look in the mirror."

Uh huh...okay, so you just down played that whole "Dipset-Is-Over" sh*t and gave your generic answer, right Juelz? Yeah...well, in no time we'll have Capo saying how it's "whatever" and how he's still down to shoot the sh*t with Cam, but y'all heard it here first. The Dipset we all remember ("Dipset Forever," the infamous Hot 97 Mase 2004 phone call, Cam/Juelz/Jim in the "Ballin'" music video) is DONE. Not "kinda, sorta, maybe." DONE. As Jay would say, you want their old hits, then listen to their old sh*t. The bird's wings have been clipped. RIP Dipset.

2. Just Like Daddy

D*mn homie, back in '06 you was the man homie, what the f*ck happened to Rick Ross? Sh*t is twisted these days and if he hadn't talked sideways SOHH much about Floyd Mayweather, Jr. over the past few months then maybe I could feel sympathy about his ex-girl, Tia Kemp, and son blasting him last weekend in Nevada. LMFAO. Oh sh*t, y'all didn't see this yet? Brace yourselves, fools.

"It's Floyd's spot," Fif said during a segment of the video. "We in Vegas, doing it real big. I got the boys with me. Say hi man, say hi. What's up, that's all we gonna tell you. ThisIs50.com, it ain't nothin'!" The footage also shows 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather taking multiple photos with Ross' former girlfriend, Tia Kemp, their children and other invited guests including Diddy and movie director Gary Gray.

This chick even got her "followers" re-Tweeting the sh*t these past few days and just made herself look even more self-exploited popular amongst the likes of 50, Floyd, Diddy and some other Forbes' listers.

"In Vegas with the kids and 50 chillin @ Mayweather's crib.........," she wrote on Saturday. "And yes I will be @ the fight later tonight...@ @mayweathermania crib with 50 and the kids......... Just met Diddy now, I'm loving life right now."

LMFAO!!! "...with the kids...." oh sh*t, no way Ross' other son is with 'em right? Regardless, from the photos that landed over the Internet to the footage that followed it a day or two later plus the fact that Triple C's debut album went four times plastic just goes to show you that a boundary should always be made when beefing with someone. Yeah, I won't lie, I said Ross "scared" Mayweather a few weeks ago, but little did I know that this was in the works. SHUT THE F*CK UP @BulldogButterworth Yeah, you're right. But when you break the sh*t down, are Tia, 50 and Floyd really hurting the "Boss?" Nah, seriously. Maybe a fellow Miami emcee could help us out with this. Mr. 305?

"You know what's funny to me, I said this the other day, hip-hop is becoming almost like WWF, you know, where it's like people building these scenarios," Pitbull explained in an interview with Tim Westwood. "And I have a lot of respect for 50 Cent and the way he hustles -- but as far as these scenarios that they draw up, it hurts the game more than it helps the game. That's why I was very proud to hear a song from Jay-Z like 'A Star Is Born' where he's showing love to everybody that's worked hard to be in the position that they're in because no matter what anybody is in the entertainment business, you gotta work hard for where you're at...The only ones making any money at the end of the day is the execs...I hope that it always stays music...That's who [Ross] picked to be a baby mama. At the end of the day, she's not respecting herself. She's not really disrespecting Ross, I feel like you're disrespecting yourself more than anything."

EXACTLY!!! Honestly, we know Ross has caught a few "L's" with the Officer Ricky sh*t and his group's last album doing Koch E1 Entertainment numbers, but this sh*t is corny now. How many more times is Tia going to get used? Sh*t, get your money baby but for 50, is this a real "W?" I'll credit Floyd for this but 50...LMFAO...yeah, you know you're up next, "Fif!"

3. Da Beginning Of The End

With all due respect to the loyal Pulse Report readers, let's take care of business first. Bulldog Butterworth. Cochise. Boss63. Da Black Anastasia. Death Blow. SlyxX. El Gato. FaceBook Profile. Artise The Great. Y'all either had the closest estimate or kept it a hundred. Now, moving on...LMFAO!!! D*mmmmmmmmmmn 50!!! Yeah, I definitely can be quoted as saying Vivica A. Fox's former fling was going to at least scrap up 250,000, sh*t, maybe even 300,000 despite a wack a** global leak. Now shout-outs to @HitsDD for putting down the word on what it do come November 25th.

Like an NFL coaching staff making in-game adjustments on the fly, Interscope's Jimmy Iovine and Steve Berman did some last-minute maneuvering around the release of 50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct following worldwide Internet leaks weeks prior to the original street date. In rapid succession, they pushed forward the physical release date from Nov. 23 to Nov. 17 -- the soonest the CD could be manufactured and shipped -- while also working out a one-week exclusive with iTunes for the digital album, to take effect Nov. 10. In return, iTunes agreed to go against its standard policy and "locked" the album, with only the single available a la carte, selling 46k album downloads during the exclusive window. Additionally, the compilers of the charts agreed to include the initial iTunes sales in the total for first week of general release, which is now looking in the 140-150k range. That won't challenge Columbia's John Mayer, now a lock for #1 with 275-300k.

Are y'all reading that sh*t or just skimming for the bold-faced wording??? 50 is going to have his iTunes numbers (from two weeks ago!?!?) included in next week's first-week sales. That sh*t is not only unprecedented but might even be some of the most shady sh*t I've ever read. So turns out "SoundScan Killer" just got murked. Now let's be honest, this is all based off one-day sales, true. But Hits Daily Double doesn't f*ck around. So you're telling me, at the very least, 50 would just be barely pushing over 100K WITHOUT iTunes? D*mn. Need an explanation for these speculated (and accurate) estimates? You can't diss everybody these days, 50. Whether or not he "won" a rap beef/battle/stunt is irrelevant because ultimately 50 became his own victim by dividing out fan bases. On some ill sh*t, these are the rappers he's dissed in "some" format (interview, song, skit, etc.) over the past few years: T.I., Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Game, Lil Wayne, Drake (yes, Drake), Baby, Fat Joe, The Lox, Shyne, Diddy, Cam'ron, Kanye West. Say what you want about Joey Crack and The "Boss" but all these rappers have loyal fan bases. You take away all those loyal fans/consumers and what are you left with? 94,000 first week CD sales, 46,000 iTunes two-week sales. SoundScan won.

Hey Game, you used to be 50's boy-boy, what do you think about him wanting to beef with Jigga?

"I already did that Jay-Z thing. 50's just doing what I'm doing. Nobody went at Jay, I went at Jay. Now everybody wants to get at Jay, not saying anything about Beanie Sigel, that's personal and I stay out of that...Jay-Z will f*ck 50 up in a battle! It would be so fast and over with. 50 is funny, but Jay is witty. Jay-Z is not to be toyed with. If he f*ckin' responds, if he feels like you're really pissing him off and he responds, he's gonna f*ck you up! He would f*ck me up, I'm just glad he didn't f*ckin' respond, so I didn't have to go dig in my f*ckin' bag and try to f*ck him up."

Call Game "bi-polar" but he's right on the money. 50 is looking more pitiful than Beans trying to sell an old beef with Jay by going at him in these interviews/songs.

"Well, it would be great," 50 explained in an interview. "It would be great for hip-hop. It would probably be interesting, but I don't think one of us will survive it. I don't have a relationship with Jay-Z. We're just both a part of hip-hop culture. We're not friends. We don't call each other to talk at leisure."

Uh-huh...word? With the exception of Cam'ron defending his brand, has any of these "successful" rappers seemed shook or interested in feeding into 50's taunts? Well, just as Game co-signed Jay as being the hands-down victor, the numbers don't lie either. And while y'all wait for Hov to "respond" SMFH, y'all probably forgot that he allllreeady did:

"I was gonna kill a couple rappers, but they did it to themselves/I was gon' do it with the flow, but they did it with THEIR SALES/I was gon' 9/11 'em, but they didn't need the help/And they did a good job, them boys is talented as h*ll/'Cause not only did they BRICK, they put a building up as well/They ran a plane into that building and when that building fell/Ran to the crash site with no masks and inhaled/Toxins deep inside their lungs until both of them was filled/Blew a cloud out like an 'L' into a jar then took a smell/'Cause they heard that second hand smoke kills/N*ggas THOUGHT THEY WAS ILL, found out THEY WAS...ILL/And it's like you knew exactly HOW I WANTED YOU TO FEEL."

*Blank Stare* D*mn..............................................................................Jay-Z won and didn't even do sh*t.

Playing fair, 50 blamed Interscope Records' "leak" of the album on his low performance...so not only is Jay laughing, but Beyonce, Jimmy Iovine and a few other executives are too.

"With the actual outcome of the project, once the record leaks from the international plant, what more can I do," 50 explained in an interview. "I can't, I held the record long enough to get it to them, to mix and master it and for them to ship it and then it leaks from the plant internationally, I'm like come on, then that's it. They lost the ball. You know what I mean, if the numbers look funny to me, it's they fault."


4. Holla Back, Please!!!

Will Beanie Sigel ever get the message? Sadly, he cannot even refer to the above Hovi quote since his records are dropping as often as Freeway's. LMFAO. There has to come a point in a rapper's life when (s)he realizes, "F*ck this sh*t," because whether y'all want to admit it or not, Beans is looking more and more like Jaz-O, with the exception of all that homosexual talk. SMFH. Still talking sh*t about not getting "fed" and left with no "Roc?"

"You in the hall already, on the wall already," Sigel raps. "You's a work of art, man this boy all petty/Type to not feed no workers, 'cause he grubbed already/Noodle, I had the sauce/We coulda made spaghetti, but I'ma shine on my own/I'm a star already/Lost the Best Of Both Worlds, he coulda called R. Kelly."

Oh word, Beans? Is it just me or is he really confused? First he comes out saying Jay took shots at him on Blueprint 3. Then he decides to talk about how badly he was treated at Roc-A-Fella. But before we can even listen to all those interviews, Beans goes ahead and fires disses at Memphis Bleek and continues to sh*t on Jay about him stealing light from Yeezy and Weezy. Oh, y'all didn't hear that?

"A lot of Jay-Z fans are my fans too," Beans explained in an interview. "At the end of the days, [Memphis] Bleek's fake too. F*ck outta here. I ain't trying to hear that. Bleek got the same characteristics, man...Lil Wayne professed the 'Greatest Rapper Alive' [title] and was getting the momentum. Lil Wayne can rap, Lil Wayne can spit, in my point of view. I like Lil Wayne, he should have kept moving with it and then Jay come and tell Lil Wayne he gonna pass the paton to him [then] Lil Wayne falls back...Kanye [West] coming at you, if you listen to the 'Big Brother' record, it's the same thing...That's one thing about me, I ain't no liar and [Jay] knows that sh*t...Go back to the B.Coming record, 'I Can't Go On This Way,' listen to the beginning of that record. All you gotta do is listen to it, trust, karma, team, us, Roc, solid, d*mn, 'D'Evils.' Listen to the music..."

Honestly, the lines are getting blurred to the point where we don't know if it's 50 whispering in Beans' ear or if this guy is really dividing out any Jay fans (which is everyone including your mom and grandma) he may have left. This guy is ready to keep y'all's attention a bit longer. SMFH.

5. What's Love Got To Do With It

Nah, you got that wrong, baby. Joe Budden. Tahiry. Fabolous. Somaya Reece. No h*mo but all y'all just need to make a f*cking groupie sex tape and put that sh*t on RedTube or holla at Ray J for marketing plans, because there's just too much a** and only one "hole" in this grouping. Joe f*cking Budden. Unless you plan on dropping another Mood Muzik mixtape, keep that sensitive sh*t for somewhere else. Just when I thought those bogus a** blogcasts were annoying enough, this guy decides to start doing records called, what? "My Ex?" SMFH.

"Check it, I don't know if when you speak no more," Joe raps. "Since babygirl found out about us that is what she support/The back and forth, it should be either or/All she keep saying is 'We can talk,' I'm now, she's before/What are the secrets for -- she wanna call here, really trying to be disrespectful/I'm laying here trying to sex you, she thinkin' I just met you/I tried to protect you -- new attitude, new year, she's old news -- you can relax, don't worry about a problem that don't exist no more."

LMFAO. Okay, so even all you JoeBuddenTV fans arguing that it's just a coincidence that he's rapping on this sh*t and that he's NOT talking about Tahiry, it remains the same that it's type suspect having broken up with your girl a couple weeks ago and now resorting to this? But check this out too, dude has gone off the deep end.

"No beef with Beans, not a beef with Fab," Joe raps. "Just f*gs that think I'm searching for a beef to grab/I'm too talented to reach for that/It'll take more than just some Tweets...And the streets are so concerned about me and Somaya Reece, they ain't got the whole puzzle, all they do is try to piece...Me and her gonna end up whatever we decide to be/Can you hear me, I'm tired of n*ggas asking about Tahiry/She can do what she want as long as she ain't do it near me...Everything ain't what it appear to be/Leaking pictures of Fif feeling on your a**/But if you seen it like me, then you'd be feeling like an a**/So I'm thinkin' I'm fool by watching you act a fool/Seeming desperate for attention, baby, take this as a jewel/Since we no longer, you and Cotto get the same advice, need to fire everybody in your corner/N*ggas ain't worth my time, I won't respond to ya..."

Hhhmm..what's the best way I can put this? Budden"S", no one is thinking about you. Not 50, he's too busy trying to move 100K in first-week sales. Not Beans, he's too excited about Jay not possibly responding. Not Fabolous, he's got a reality show coming. Tahiry, nah dawg, she's making money off your name. Somaya Reece? Nah, she's real busy keeping you relevant. So we're left with you dissing a female, technically, your ex-fiancee, right? SMFH. This guy is too much, really. LMFAO.

***Once again we're still riding the wave out this b*tch and even though SOHH got tight about the comments, I respect some of y'all continuing to keep it a hundred and speak y'alls' mind. I even took your f*cking suggestion of editing out all my strike-outs, bast*rds! LOL. I'm loving this sh*t but decided to drop the Junk Mail this week so y'all can get ready for Thanksgiving. Enjoy yourselves, eat up and grab a turkey sandwich when y'all check in next Friday!***

No Junk Mail!

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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