News: Beanie Sigel Breaks Down "Average Cat" Message, "It's Just Me Conversating W/ My Brother" [Video]

Monday, Nov 2, 2009 9:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Roc-A-Fella artist Beanie Sigel has detailed the motivation behind his "Average Cat" Jay-Z-directed song and said the track should not encourage rappers to begin dissing Hov.

According to Beans, "Average Cat" was his best opportunity to get his emotions out without a face-to-face argument.

"Listen, it's not a diss record," Beans promised in an interview. "It's a real record and it's just me talking to my brother because I still got love for the brother and I told y'all, if y'all listen to the whole record, this ain't the green light for dudes to just start jumping out the booth thinking they can come after Hov and all that. No, I'm far from a hater but it's just me conversating with my brother the only way that I can conversate with him and letting my feelings out...I'm not dissing Jay-Z, I'm not hating on Jay-Z because of the position he's in or where he's going, I'm just saying, when you a team and you a crew and you a squad and you grew from the ground up, you don't just leave your people hanging in the wind." (Truth DVD)

When asked about Sigel dissing him late last week, Jay pointed out the Philadelphia rapper's accomplishments which happened under his wing.

"He has a lot to complain about," Jay jokingly said during a press conference. "Not me. Well Beanie Sigel at the time, and you can look it up if you like, just to be honest, was driving two Bentleys, I don't know how. It's impossible to drive two cars at one time with his mama in the sticks and selling 800,000 records. I don't know what more you can do for somebody at that point. What people choose to do when they attain that type of success, you know, at some point you have to look in the mirror and look at yourself. Beanie Sigel had a record deal, a record label, and a clothing line. And never went platinum, ever. I don't know in the history of rap has anyone done so much with so little. I don't know what more you can do for a person at that point. But a record deal, that's normal. A record label and a clothing line, so, if that's not pushing a person, sh*t. Thank-you." (La Rue Du Hip Hop)

The "Average Cat" record has caught the attention of rappers like Fabolous and Joe Budden.

"Beanie Sigel going at Jay-Z, huh," Budden said during a live blog chat. "Is that what it's come to in hip-hop? Hip-Hop is f*cking wack. Why he ain't never go at him before, that's what I wanna know. That sh*t is weak. N*ggas dissing Jay-Z is weak. Aight, I don't wanna hear that sh*t. Beans is nice and I like Beans, I just feel like n*ggas dissing Hov is pointless and mind you, I'm very aware that I dissed Hov countless times, I dissed Hov a bunch of times. I am so so aware of that. I did not diss Hov recently...I've matured, Jay is d*mn near a billionaire and he just performed at Yankee Stadium, diss him for what? Even if you rap better than Jay-Z, which some people do today, you're gonna lose. If you go against Jay-Z, the fight is automatically fixed and I really like Jay-Z and I really like The Blueprint 3 for the most part, killed the intro, he's got a bunch of songs on there I really like...You take Jay-Z away from hip-hop, what do you have? Is it the same? No." (World Star Hip Hop)

On "Average Cat," Beans also warns Hov about exposing his habits to his wife, Beyonce.

"This ain't a diss record, this a real record/How it feel to get exposed -- I was the fly on the wall, I witnessed," Beans raps. "I could say sh*t to make B look at you different/And my gangster was never on trial, I was, stood up tall, no snitch/But the rapper Shawn called the police on me/Because I was front row at the Blueprint 3/I just wanted to see him emcee/Reminisce when we were the R-O-C/But he called on the c-o-p's/Not only that, he brought in the f-e-d's/So that's telling me, F-U Sig/So F you too and F Bleek three/Whether I rap or riddle out this motherf*cker -- my name good in every hood." ("Average Cat")

Check out Beanie Sigel speaking on Jay-Z below:

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