News: Baby Reveals "Plans" For Lil Wayne's Jail Bid, "I Promise You'll Never Think He Left The Streets"

Monday, Nov 9, 2009 5:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Cash Money Records co-founder Baby has opened up about the jail time his top artist, Lil Wayne, is facing in a gun case and revealed the strategy he has in store to keep fans satisfied during the rapper's absence.

According to Birdman, Weezy's speculated one-year bid will mark the first time both artists were forced apart from one another.

"We got a h*ll of a plan and h*ll of a strategy," Baby revealed in an interview. "I promise you, you'll think he never left the streets. It ain't much about the music at this point with my son, like f*ck the music...We got to go through something family-wise, that the fans and nobody else will ever have to go through. This is the first time I will ever be without my child that means the world to me. This is where blood stick together." (All Hip Hop Radio)

Baby and Cash Money Records co-founder Ronald "Slim" Williams previously released a statement regarding Wayne's situation.

"The Cash Money family will continue to support our artist and friend Lil Wayne in his current court case. We have worked with Wayne since he was a teenager, and have seen him grow into one of the world's most successful hip-hop artists, with a work ethic that is second to none. Wayne has our love and commitment during this difficult time. We always have and always will stand behind him. -Ronald "Slim" Williams and Bryan "Baby" Williams, Cash Money Records, Oct. 23, 2009" (Statement)

Former Young Money artist Omarion also shared his thoughts on Weezy serving time.

"I think that it's unfortunate, but at the same time I really feel like he's not gonna miss out on anything," Omarion said in an interview. "T.I.'s about to be home and he didn't miss nothing. Nothing happened while he was gone. I don't think anybody wants to go to jail, that's just not a place for people." (Rap-Up)

Baby is known for supporting Wayne and pointing out reasons, he believes, the rapper is better than Jay-Z.

"I don't think he a number one emcee in no kinda way," Baby said in an interview. "Wayne the best he do the most and he make the most money. I dont think no n*gga in the business make more money than us. How could you be the best if you don't make the best money, the most money and you don't do the most. Lyrically, come on man be for real man can't nobody f*ck with Wayne. And to me, if you number one and you aint getting no money it don't mean nothing. Who's making the most money. That's number one to me. F*ck all that rap sh*t. Sh*t, y'all got cold rappers you never even heard and then you got n*ggas who really can't rap and making money. It's about who's making the most money to me. I don't give a f*ck about the rest of that sh*t." (TropicalTV)

Check out Baby speaking on Lil Wayne below:

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