Pulse Report: 50 Cent Wins Triple C's Flop Prediction, Rihanna Knocks Out Chris Brown & Beanie Sigel Snitches On Roc-A-Fella

Friday, Nov 6, 2009 1:50PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, we're rollin' backward seven days to applaud 50 Cent for correctly predicting Rick Ross & Triple C's debut album failure, watch Rihanna toss a one-two punch at Chris Brown, listen to Beanie Sigel snitching on Jay-Z and Damon Dash, figure out Game's Twitter addiction plus oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. The Price Is Right

D*mn, as much as I love to clown point out 50 Cent's mistakes, the G-Unit dude actually got me quiet after seeing those first week numbers from Rick Ross & Triple C's Def Jam debut album, Custom Cars & Cycles. SMFH...if you thought Maino and Slaughterhouse's 18K 'ish first-release record sales were embarrassing, d*mn, just look at what went down with those Miami boys (and New York's Torch)...:

Rick Ross & Triple C's new album, Custom Cars & Cycles landed onto the charts this week at No. 44. With seven days under their names, the group consisting of Ross, Gunplay, Young Breed and Torch were able to sell 12,000 records after a week in stores. UPDATED: Custom Cars & Cycles has sold 12,100 albums according to Nielsen Soundscan.

LMFAO @sohhdotcom for trying to make it seem like they really out-sold 50's predictions. LOL. 12K after all those viral videos and interviews going at 5-0, Floyd Mayweather and f*ck it, those disses shout-outs Freeway Ricky Ross was giving you, Bawwse? D*mn, what'd you think about all that 50?

"Threw the death blow to Rick, boom, six months later, Triple C's CD come Tuesday, you gonna find what those numbers are and you're gonna fall out," Fif promised in an interview. "You're gonna identify with the death blow. They can break ten [thousand copies] if they buy some. They can buy some. I don't know [all their names]. We know the police officer. We know the one that got knocked out. We know the kid from the Bronx. He's the tough one, right? The other guy, he wasn't sure if he wanted dreads or he wanted a flat top.

Even more hilarious than all of that is Ross tryin' to be funny with his "Thank-You's" in the album booklet:

"I have to thank all the haters who prayed this day would never come...," Ross' comments read. "I rebuke you!! I have to thank Curtis 'Woodface' Jackson...crushing you gave me the confidence I needed to take over the whole game! It's ours now... 'May all my enemies and foes stumble and fall' - Psalm 27 The Biggest Boss you seen thus far. ROSSSSSS

D*mmmmnnn....LOL. That's some "Gangster Wankster Sh*t" right there, but 50 put the nail right in the coffin. Everyone grab your calculators or iPhones and let's add this sh*t up. 12,100 albums in a week is about 1,700 sold units a day, right, give or take a lil' bit? SOHH you're saying, Ross, out of the entire country, your boys could only get that amount with all the media shining that bright a** light on your beard while you boasted about the album? SMFH...I won't credit 50 for completely ruining anything related to Ross since we ALL know TheSmokingGun deserve honors for that, but d*mn, to predict how bad their sh*t would flop? That's the marketing genius 50 I remember from '05. Keep it moving and get ready for Teflon Don I guess. LMAO. And just for the record, LOSSSSSSSSS.

2. Thin Line Between Love/Hate

My girl Rihanna finally decided to say "f*ck it" and went Cam'ron meets Miss Info-style by getting a whole bunch of hype and excitement about breaking silence on "what-REALLY-went-down-on-that-one-horrible-NIGHT" SMH...well, if you all think she was too politically correct, then you probably would think Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 album WASN'T the biggest subliminal diss album of Hov's career to date (Victims: Peedi, Dash, Sigel, Budden, Jaz, Jimmy, Game, Killa...and counting). Remember, Jay "discovered" lil' shorty, SOHH please understand that the interview was left and right punches to Chris Brown all day:

"When I realized that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed, I could not be easy with that part," she explains. "Even if Chris never hit me again, who's to say that their boyfriend won't? Who's to say that they won't kill these girls? These are young girls. I just didn't realize how much of an impact I had on these girls' lives until that happened." "It was a wake-up call for me big time," she adds. "I'll say that to any young girl who's going through domestic violence. Don't react off of love. Eff love. Come out of the situation and look at it [in the] third person and for what it really is and then make your decision. Because love is so blind."

Just when Breezy thought he could Moon Walk his a** back into peeps' hearts and even drop a new album in 30 days, sh*t gets ugly. Ike Turner comparisons, anyone? We all knew it was bound to happen, but the name-dropping and gaining everyone's support by how "strong" she has remained throughout the incident...d*mn, every reference to violence had me irkin' thinkin' about how much of a lame this guy is even though it's "forgiven" and "will never happen again." SMFH...give him a few more jabs, Rihanna:

"He was definitely my first big love," she told Sawyer. The incident resulted in the couple's seemingly fairytale relationship being shattered and Brown being sentenced to community labor, five years of probation and one year of domestic-violence counseling. "...This happened to me...it can happen to anyone."

And this is only the first scoop of things...please believe there will be more videos, interviews and, according to Ross, album chart smashing success when Rated R drops in a couple weeks. Look, some may think I'm gassin' y'all up, but re-read/watch Rihanna...she knows she could have gone Chris Breezy and played off each question, but homegirl made sure to leave a nice mark on him...now watch out Brown, you don't want to go breaking any restraining orders, right? LOL. *Checks TD Bank account and pre-orders Rated R for 'my sister'*

3. You, Me, Him & Her

Please just stop, Beans. Jay is not going to address you publicly, you already know this. 50 is having money problems himself these days, his movies aren't exactly blockbuster hits. Your Philadelphia Phillies lost to Jay's New York Yankees...take that sh*t as a sign, SERIOUSLY! But f*ck it, it's a rap game and everyone plays dirty...now Jay said he got you this, this and that, why all the fuss?

"The issue about the Bentley's, you shot yourself in the foot for that, now let's go to the record label I'm 'supposed' to have," Beans said in an interview. "You didn't give me a record label, all it cost is a couple hundred dollars to search the name, State Property Records, nobody owned it. I think I paid a couple more hundred dollars and I patented the LLC licensing company, so my record [company] cost me like $750 to say on a piece of paper that I owned State Property Records LLC and I did that on my own. You didn't give me that and what artist was on that label? So what did you give me? The clothing line that I had, I had 20 percent of State Property clothing, it's me, Jay, Dame [Dash] and the two other Russians that had the Rocawear owned State Property because I gave them an idea, pitched it to Dame at the time -- [Dame] was taking all the money from Rocawear and putting it into all his little companies, he did the same thing to State Property."

D*mmmmn, okay, I hear that. Dame was really getting y'alls' paper like that, huh? You only got 20 percent of State Property? I wonder what Dame would sa...wait, huh, straight from "Divorce Court?"

"I love Jay, I love Beans -- what's the reason for beef?" Dash responded in an interview. "That's stupid. What's the reason for beef? People die, people don't feel good -- I want people to laugh...I was hurt for him, more or less, because I know that ain't him. But I don't want to speak on that. Whatever [Beanie's] going through where he's got to do that...I could understand where he may look at things and feel that way. I can see that. He's probably got a lot of people around him and nobody to really tell him what's going on. It was a different environment for Roc-A-Fella back then. I feel bad for those cats. I love those cats. I hate that they struggle. I hate it. I hate to see anybody struggle. I don't embrace that. I'm not one of those dudes that get happy when I hear something bad about somebody I had a bond with. I really loved those dudes."

Look, didn't Jay already ask if y'all are talking about millions or y'all talking about his? So the total from what I've seen is reactions by Joe Budden, Lil Cease, DJ Envy, Funkmaster Flex, Memphis Bleek, 50 Cent and oh yeah, even Beanie Sigel shared his reaction to his own reactions. SMH...

"It's a real record and it's just me talking to my brother because I still got love for the brother and I told y'all, if y'all listen to the whole record, this ain't the green light for dudes to just start jumping out the booth thinking they can come after Hov and all that. No, I'm far from a hater but it's just me conversating with my brother the only way that I can conversate with him and letting my feelings out...I'm not dissing Jay-Z, I'm not hating on Jay-Z because of the position he's in or where he's going, I'm just saying, when you a team and you a crew and you a squad and you grew from the ground up, you don't just leave your people hanging in the wind."

The sad part? Everyone has already forgotten about his b*tching emotional "Average Cat" message at this point from the non-stop interview requests he's getting. No wonder 50 wants to sign him now. SMFH...Beans has been in this same position for the past 2-3 years, and yet NOW 50 has space on G-Unit. Readers, don't take the bait for this sh*t...I hope y'all are e-du-ma-cated enough to see this bullsh*t for what it's worth. What's next, Ghostface Killah accuses RZA of stealing money? Jim Jones and Cam'ron falling out? Smiles & SouthStar? Shawnna leaving Ludacris' DTP for T-Pain? Uh, wait...sh*t, nevermind. Keep talking Beans...(and why not just focus on yourself rather than forcing Young Gunz and Peedi Peedi to have to pencil-in response-based interview times. SMFH...)

4. A/S/L?

LOL. D*mn, Game changes his name and gets back onto his Twitter sh*t HARD, son! I won't even lie, I haven't seen this guy Tweetin' SOHH much bullsh*t over the past few days since he tried to begin a beef with Jay around July. Topic at hand? Madden R.E.D. Album. Well after a bunch of hype and show-down speculation with him and Snoop Dogg, turns out the record is already headed into Doctor's Advocate land.

"the richest man aint the one with the most money, its the n*gga who still got his 1st friend !!! 'Beanie Siegal'," he wrote Tuesday (November 3). "Album is Officially pushed back. says Interscope, so that I can finish wit Dre without having to rush him, myself or the album. Think R.E.D. Y'all know how this sh!t go....... Snoop is still set for Dec. 8th & best believe 'Malice in Wonderland' will be 'Doggystyle' all over again."

(Did y'all catch that Beans co-sign, already tryin' to start some bullsh*t, Game. LOL.) On every last bit of RAM I own on this 'puter, I promise Snoop's Malice will come no where close to Doggystyle...neither sales or sound...so let's stop the foolery now. LOL. But just when you think, 'Cool, maybe December 22nd...Game breaks the sh*t down even more for us who just desperately need a retired-turned-unretired rapper's new album:

"Last night at the 'AFTERMATH HEADQUARTERS' was Classic !," he wrote Wednesday (November 4) evening. "Me, Stat Quo & Dre got it in all night. R.E.D. album's new release is 2/16/10 If for some reason the date changes I will holla at y'all . had to push it back so that me & Dre can wrap it up the right way !!! Aftermath. Community Service is "GARBAGE" !!! R.E.D. gotta track from RZA last night that was amazing..... now all i gotta do is KILL IT !!! aight. headed to the headquarters to get it in.... 1 blood ! R.E.D."

Aight, no where close to how addicted @myfabolouslife is to Twitter, SOHH far, at this point, Game is actually dry snitching more than the actual snitching Beans is doing on the record. We know (unless these are lies) that Stat Quo still has Interscope ties, Game is really no where close to finishing the record and that he's doing community service. Sounds corny, but f*ck it, Tweets are watching...be careful y'all. SMFH @ihategame You can't see my Minnesota Vikings homie!

5. Moment Of Silence

Wait, are you kidding me? Did that chick who could no way be Foxy Brown from that sex tape teaser that Maino talked about and never really denied be the one trying to chop off Lil Kim's head on this new diss record?

"Y'all rap b*tches are mad rappers, n*gga, I'm a freak and need a hood n*gga to eat it a** backwards," Brown raps. "Put your money up playboy, the pink p*ssy price cost like a couple keys of that fish scale white/Catch me at Marcy at the mall, but motherf*ckers will never see me 'Dancin' With The Stars'/Never, will I embarrass my borough, I'm too thorough/Dark skin b*tches, we here now...Y'all b*tches wanna be me so bad, y'all studied my whole swag."

Say what y'all want about me but this sh*t with rappers, females or not, dissing each other is SOHH f*cking corny. The "Dancing With The Stars" reference directed at Kim was pretty slick, but then saying how she embarrassed her entire borough? Uh-huh, much like you dating and almost marrying a former corrections officer? Uh-huh. Like the jail time you ended up doing for petty sh*t? Uh-huh...for the alleged sex tape that you decided to ignore with silence? And if you did respond, NO ONE heard you. No record deal news, no real street buzz and deciding to diss Kim is like watching an argument on "Golden Girls" these days, y'all are way past your prime compared to a Nicki Minaj. Kim, please ignore and give her the silent treatment.

***Aight, we're at it again folks! Yes, the arguments are still the same about "hating" on peeps, but it's just an objective approach to looking at some of these rap game topics. SOHH keep up and let's see if Shyne can drop some hot sh*t over the next few days...Moses or money, it's time for Po! ---Bulldog Butterworth***

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[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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