News: 50 Cent Unfazed By "BISD" Leak, "The Response Is So Good That I Know [It's] A Hit" [Video]

Saturday, Nov 7, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent recently discussed his reaction to Before I Self Destruct leaking nearly a month in advance of its release date and why this project's focus is more based on generating interest for his live shows.

Fif also said he was confident in his fourth solo project's overall sound.

"All you gotta do is get the response," Fif explained to radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. "The response is so well, so good, that I know the record is a hit. So whether the consumed it from actually purchasing it or they got it off the web or wherever they got it from, when they hear it and enjoy it, they end up at the show. How can I focus on album sales now when it's to the point where my record is released four weeks before schedule. The marketing, everything that's planned to sell the actual record, is happening four weeks late, now that the record is out a month early. You know, those things are happening after they had an opportunity to hear it and it's confirmation to the doubters that the record wouldn't be good." (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

He recently announced plans to push up his album's release date.

"I'm pushing the record up so the date is [November] 16th," Fif revealed in an interview. "It'll be out on the 16th. I'm expecting it to do good because of the response that I've heard from the web. You know what I mean? It's obvious they didn't expect me to write the things that I wrote on the actual record, but, I don't know why. They're like 'This sh*t is fire.' What are you surprised for, stupid? Even the worst one did 700,000 the first week. It depends on who you're actually asking because you know who I identify with now? The actual aggression of my material is what came across the strongest because they want the hardest sh*t from me." (G-Unit Radio)

The alleged full album began to circulate on the Internet late last month.

50 Cent has become the latest musician to have his entire album leaked. On Wednesday, 50's upcoming fourth studio album leaked almost a month before its planned release date. The album, which was originally scheduled for release over a year ago, was pushed back until November 23 for an official release. So far, 50 Cent and Interscope Records have not commented on the situation. (Dime Wars)

A track listing of its songs have also been revealed.

Before I Self Destruct: The Invitation, Then Days Went By, Death To My Enemies, So Disrespect, Psycho, Hold Me Down, Crime Wave, Stretch, Strong Enough, Get It Hot, Gangsta's Delight, I Got Swag, Baby By Me (Featuring Ne-Yo), Do You Think About Me, Ok, You're Right, Could've Been You (This Is 50)

Before I Self Destruct is now slated to hit stores Monday, November 16th while the digital copy will drop a week earlier.

Check out 50 Cent speaking on his new album below:

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