News: 50 Cent Reflects On Childhood W/ "BISD" LP, "The Actual Album Has Lyrics About [Those] Moments

Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009 9:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent recently shared more details surrounding his forthcoming Before I Self Destruct album and said his fourth solo project would reflect partially on his childhood.

Aside from calling the album a sequel to his 2003 debut, Get Rich Or Die Tryin', Fif also explained why he recruited Kelly Rowland for the "Baby By Me" music video.

"I ran into Kelly at the Latin VMAs, which I attended to perform with Wisin and Yandel, and I asked her if she would consider doing it," Fif said in an interview. "You can't forget all the work she did with Destiny's Child. The difference between Kelly and Beyonce is the extreme focus they put on Beyonce to make sure she was completely right. Kelly wasn't held in the same regard, so, in order for her to mean anything to America, they'd have to match the marketing dollars spent on Beyonce. She never received the superstar treatment...This album is the sequel to Get Rich Or Die Tryin' -- it has all the elements that I missed writing about on that first project. That album translated the strongest and what I presented then was a lot of aggression. The actual album has lyrics about moments from my childhood, and I describe then from a child's perspective." (Billboard)

Fif previously spoke on connecting with video director Chris Robinson for his "Baby By Me" music video.

"This video is great," 50 said in an interview. "Chris Robinson came up with a great treatment for it. It's obvious I wasn't in a hurry to make the music video until I found the right treatment, the right idea, to bring it to life. I had to find the right person to be my love interest in the music video. I found Kelly. It matches perfectly. The acting in the project is great. I think when people see it, they are gonna be surprised by it. Because of the technology there is no secret. Right after we shot, I went in the trailer and looked on the computer and saw pictures on Twitter. Everybody will get to see it and enjoy it in its entirety when it's done." (MTV)

The rapper's album leaked online nearly a month ahead of its actual release date.

50 Cent has become the latest musician to have his entire album leaked. On Wednesday (October 28), 50's upcoming fourth studio album leaked almost a month before its planned release date. The album, which was originally scheduled for release over a year ago, was pushed back until November 23 for an official release. So far, 50 Cent and Interscope Records have not commented on the situation. (Dime Wars)

As a result of the leak, Fif decided to push his solo project upward by one week.

"I'm pushing the record up so the date is [November] 16th," Fif revealed in an interview. "It'll be out on the 16th. I'm expecting it to do good because of the response that I've heard from the web. You know what I mean? It's obvious they didn't expect me to write the things that I wrote on the actual record, but, I don't know why. They're like 'This sh*t is fire.' What are you surprised for, stupid? Even the worst one did 700,000 the first week. It depends on who you're actually asking because you know who I identify with now? The actual aggression of my material is what came across the strongest because they want the hardest sh*t from me, the same things they knock another artist for, for example, like Drake, 'I want this sh*t forever man,' like the singing part is what I like from him, like when Ja [Rule] was doing it, I was like 'This motherf*cker' 'cause the sh*t wasn't good." (G-Unit Radio)

Before I Self Destruct is slated to land in stores Monday, November 16th via Interscope Records

Check out 50 Cent's "Baby By Me" music video below:

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