News: 50 Cent Confirms Past Beanie Sigel/G-Unit Records Offer, "Jay-Z Didn't Want To Do That"

Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009 1:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent has confirmed past talks of Beanie Sigel being offered a spot on G-Unit around 2005, however, accused Jay-Z of not wanting to lose his Roc-A-Fella artist.

Speaking with radio personality Miss Jones, Fif also responded to Rick Ross' "Baby By Me" remix diss.

"[Beanie Sigel] would have got at least $800,000 at that point to come over," 50 Cent told Miss Jones. "Jay was telling him that he didn't want to lose him. I think Jay and [Diddy] had these feelings toward me at one point I believe...Jay didn't want to do that...I've never seen a bigger fraud in hip-hop [with Rick Ross]. He Just did a remix to 'Baby by Me.' It'll count as a spin for my record. He's an idiot. I'd be upset if my baby's momma was out there. He's broke. His last album sold 300,000 copies. [Triple C's Custom Cars & Cyles] just like sold 4,000 records." (Power 99 FM)

Sigel previously hinted at a joint venture with G-Unit around 2005.

One person Sig may be aligning with, however, is 50 Cent. Beanie has heard the rumors, just as his fans have, that he's signing with the G-Unit. Sigel said nothing has happened beyond a few conversations with 50, and noted that even if they do business together, it would have to be some type of co-venture. Beanie can't see himself being anyone's artist anymore. (MTV)

After recently learning about Mase's return to hip-hop and allegedly being released from a contract with Diddy, Fif said he no longer had an interest in signing the rapper as he once did in 2005.

"I'm cool with Mase, but, right now is different," 50 explained in an interview with reporter Gina Torres. "That was a different time period and a different thing going on. I can always go and make the Kanye West album because Kanye is doing Mase. Not from a Harlem perspective, the rap style that he's using, I bet if you asked him he would tell you he's doing him, his way but it's that style. And Mase, he rap his a** off, it's a gift. I think anything that changes too fast may be no good and Mase's decision was so abrupt that he can't actually stay in one pocket, he kinda flip flopped. He confuses me, that's worse than [confusing] the audience. I'm pretty easy with understanding what the actual situation is." (All Hip Hop)

Ross' "Baby By Me" remix landed online yesterday (November 2).

"Have a baby by me baby, realest n*gga 'round," Ross raps. "He'll huff and puff and burn your house down/I ball like LeBron James, I'm Dwayne Wade laughing in my driveway, funny everything paid/Standing tall, we in the club it's like we on that...I catch your homie slippin', I hope they know I'm on that/Teflon Don, baby, Al Capone back, Boss/John Gotti poppin' Prozac...I'm a fly n*gga, I'm a Guy Fischer...This for my hungry n*ggas/But now we eat a lot/Once again, GG-GG-G-Unot!" ("Baby By Me" Remix)

Check out Rick Ross' "Baby By Me" Remix below:

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