Pulse Report: 50 Cent Calls Out Jay-Z, Game Reps G-Unit & Fabolous Hates Joe Budden's Rebound Chick

Friday, Nov 13, 2009 4:00PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, we're covering the past seven days to peep 50 Cent blatantly dissing Jay-Z, check out why Mobb Deep got dropped but Game is still signed to G-Unit Records, laugh at Fabolous Twee-stroying Joe Budden's new jump off and SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. So Disrespectful

D*mn, I guess we should have taken a cue from those interviews, but f*ck, 50, really? Granted, we all know I called this sh*t a few Pulse Reports ago, but to see your favorite G-Unit leader cashing in on Beanie Sigel's "pain" by putting some marketing dollars together, letting Beans murk a dope a** collaboration track, "I Go Off," and then just to hear 5-0 pull a "Try Me" move on Jay "I Performed At The World Series Game 2" Z?

"Yeah, you changed man," 50 says toward the song's completion. "You let the money change you, Jay. You used to be from Marcy, [Brooklyn] n*gga. Now you a pass the Grey Poupon a** n*gga. You don't want the shooter? I'll take him. [laughs] N*gga, feed the wolves or else the wolves feed off you. Eat your a** alive! I live by a combat's creed. Strategy. Your move, n*gga."

Look, I'm not going to completely side with Jay because this is all politics at the end of the day, but d*mn, if his Before I Self Destruct wasn't already out, maybe I could respect this move instead of thinking it's some punk sh*t. The biggest surprise here is that people aren't even amazed at how f*cking insane Beans is on the song but how 5-0 just kills it by having to have the last word. SMFH. So "this" is the nightmare, huh? I can just imagine what Jay is thinking right now. But looking deeper than that, y'all need to pay attention to what Beans is spitting:

"Won't stop 'til your box lowered to the ground / put you in a urn, your bones are burn / The rap gorilla, the wack rap ringtone killa, I'm here / to find a n*gga equally realer is rare / you could meet me in the square if you dare to come near / I have no morals."

THAT's the dude I remember hearing back on The B. Coming, not this guy. But even after Jay gets asked the annoying "So what now, Hov?" question, y'all gotta ask yourselves if this is really a surprise. Remember that "Flight 187" music video? How about the "coolest punk" move? Both situations that 5-0 talked himself out of. We'll see how this sh*t pans out...GGGG-Unit's BBBBroooad Stttreett Bully.

2. G-Unity

While we're already on the topic of Mr. Jackson, why not take a minute or two to get the latest scoop on who is still on that imaginary G-Unit Records roster. But wait, LMFAO...no joke, take a solid 30 seconds and see who YOU think is still signed to the Unit. Lloyd Banks...Tony Yayo (SMFH...)....Young Buck.........GAME!?!?! WTF!? D*mn, this sh*t just had to resurface, huh? Before Game tells you what's what, keep in mind, Game "allegedly" got out of his contract with G-Unit Records when his a** got dropped from Aftermath and found a spot at Geffen, right 50?

"As far as the rest of the roster, of course the original G-Unit as a group are gonna stay together," Fif promised in an interview. "That's myself, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks and on the actual label, G-Unit Records as a roster, I let Prodigy and Havoc go off the label because P had to get extra money before he went into jail. And Havoc just had idle time while P was gone because he didn't work as often as P does. M.O.P. was kinda just waiting for me to do it for them...Hot Rod and Spider Loc are still technically signed to G-Unit Records...Buck is still signed to G-Unit Records, hopefully he can come up with a record. If he can come up with a song, we can get my money back, you know what I'm saying? I hope he can come up with something right quick. Game is still signed to G-Unit Records. So I'm looking forward to that check at least. They gotta pay me not to put the [G-Unit] logo on it."

LMFAO!!! D*mn, and all y'all thought (me included) we would hear another "Pearly Gates Pt. 2" record, huh? LMFAO. Reality check...Mobb Deep's Blood Money dropped in May 2006, P's a** got locked up around January/February 2008? These two were long gone before 50 just announced it. But Game? D*mn, that's rough. We all knew 5-0 was going to pull a Diddy on Buck's contract on some The Lox type bullsh*t, but saying Game PAYS "NOT" to have the G-Unit logo on his records? Those are some mighty accusations, Fif. But looks like Gayme Game might really still be Aftermath/G-Unit-connected these days.

"I'm back in with Dre everyday going hard in the studio doing the little stuff, working on Detox with him and he's working on The R.E.D. Album with me. It's just, we got a good feeling out here...I did my last two albums without Dre and even though, I just did it on my own man. When I talked to him, he [was like] I've been doing a good job and he took a listen and I did my thing. I learned well, my time at Aftermath was spent well, so getting back in, that old feeling came back. The chemistry is crazy, I got a lot of love for that dude and that's why I never really disrespected him or really went at Aftermath, I only did what I had to do to survive man, but I got love for dude and we back in grindin' man."

D*mn, someone hit up @ihategame, we need some clarification on this sh*t NOW! It will NEVER happen, but imagine 50-Banks-Yayo-Game-Buck doing a tour together. The 5 Heartbeats. LOL, and with 50's new dimepiece as of late, he might really be trying to make it feel like summer 2004 again, Mr. "Big Shot."

3. Throw Her In The Bag

LMFAO. Fabolous is MY DUDE! No joke, I f*cks with @myfabolouslife hard. I'm one of his many followers truth be told and the sh*t my homie types out is heartless. F*ck a T-Pain rant, this dude just looked past his Street Fam(ily), Joe Budden, to address his latest "Down A** B*tch," Somaya Reece. Well, before we get into Fab (pause), let's take a second to get familiar with this sexy a** lady and her association with Budden"S":

"Don't worry because there's nothing to worry about," Reece said during a Budden blogcast. "And I know the feeling because I'm an artist too, when you're going through something, it does reflect on your music. But there's no need to worry about that anymore. Somaya Reece is in the building...Regardless though, with music, whether it's depressing -- the fact that you have an honest artist like Joe, is something that is very rare. And it's something you don't really see out there...Everybody is making ridiculously stupid music and I'm not gonna name names -- am I lying to you guys? I will be good to Joe, always. I am a very traditional woman. I take care of my man."

LMFAO. Well, even though @sohhdotcom didn't explain how Reece said Fab's teeth got f*cked up for getting in Tila Tequila's p*ssy, mouth-first, they at LEAST got his funny a** "Ether" Tweet-bombs!

"Did this rebound a** chick jus make a joke about my teeth?? @somaya_reece keep my name outta Tahiry's v*gina, i mean ur mouth! POW!," Fab playfully wrote Tuesday morning (November 10). "Time 2 expose this 2nd place chick Somaya Reece... So she know not throw people names out without knowing the consequences... #Somayareeceis Tahiry but the sequel... #Somayareeceis a stuntman 4 Joe Budden's real girlfriend... RT @SessioniZill: #Somayareeceis about to remix Pleasure P's joint.. "Girlfriend Number 2"... I bet #Somayareeceis havin 2nd thoughts about f*ckin wit me... #Somayareeceis gonna go 2 Yankee games next year wit a Derek Jeter #2 jersey!"

CORNY AS F*CK, but on point nonetheless. LMFAO. And she's not exactly a Lil Kim, so Fab played it safe and just went in on her but kept it PG-13. The fact that Fab is man enough to say "f*ck the bullsh*t" and take it to the Twitter shows hip-hop still has heart and can have fun without the bogus a** beefs we see these days.

4. Reno 911!

SMH. LOL. SMFH. LMFAO. Honestly, I don't even know whether to laugh at this sh*t or just be disappointed. Katt Williams on Monday. Lil Boosie on Tuesday. Mike Tyson come Wednesday. Gucci Mane for Thursday. WTF!? Rather than giving y'all a full break-down of this bullsh*t, and YES, opinionated as f*ck, this is ALL BULLSH*T on account of a crooked a** criminal system, here is a summary of each particular one's situation:

Katt Williams says he's innocent and rich..the media?

Williams has officially been charged with burglary and criminal trespassing by a magistrate in Coweta County, GA -- his bond was set at $41,150. Williams was arrested this morning, after cops say a man named Daniel Broach claimed the comedian broke into his home on Sunday night and stole $3,555 worth of jewelry and collectable coins. Broach told cops Katt used a crowbar to break into his home, which is around 38 miles southwest of Atlanta. UPDATE: Katt is free to roam -- we're told he just posted bond.

Lil Boosie tries to get some show money to support his family before serving a year on his FIRST EVER CONVICTION...the criminal system?

District Court Judge Chip Moore revoked Hatch's probation, sending him straight to jail. Hatch was on house arrest with an ankle monitor. The monitor indicated that on more than one occasion, Hatch had violated the terms of his release. Judge Moore doubled Hatch's original sentence and ordered him to spend four years in prison.

Mike Tyson tries to protect his wife and infant child...a photographer says?

Photographer Tony Echevarria, 50, said in video interview posted on TMZ.com that he "wasn't aggressive, I was shooting from a distance, and I was respectful." He indicated that his videotape should back up his story. Echevarria says he received five stitches and that Tyson, 43, hit him at least four times. "When you're getting hit by Mike Tyson, it's the worst thing in the world you can imagine," he said.

Gucci Mane has served more time than most rappers today, "allegedly" violates probation...judge says?

Gucci Mane has been sent back to Fulton County Jail in Atlanta for probation violation. Sources close to the Atlanta rapper say Gucci attended a court hearing earlier today to determine whether or not he'd have to serve time for an unspecified infraction that violated the conditions of his probation. He was sentenced to 12 months, but could end up serving only six with good behavior.

Maybe Lil Scrappy said it best:

"I don't know how to react cuz, 'cause it's like d*mn, if anybody noticed, this is the most rappers that done got locked up," Scrappy explained. "I'ma tell you what it is though, it's from certain n*ggas feeling like 'I'm a rapper, I can do whatever the f*ck I wanna do,' and not saying I'm a boss and do whatever I wanna do. If you a boss and you doing whatever you wanna do, you still gonna do it where you gonna be good, you not gonna just be 'Oh, I f*cked up cuz, now I got eight years.' Nah, not like that, they gonna be like 'Eh, I did whatever I had to do, I'm good.' N*ggas be going out their character, cuz. They doin' sh*t they wouldn't even do and they get f*cked up."

Sure, it's possible that these artists get caught up in the moment of being a "rapper," but at the same time there seems to be no stopping this trend. Sh*t, even Harvard professors are getting locked up these days and just because Kid Cudi and Kanye West are "safe" doesn't mean you can't find their mug shots on TheSmokingGun.com. SOHH something needs to happen...FAST.

5. Pookie Replaces Gator

LMFAO. Y'all young kids, hopefully my older readers can point out the significance behind the headline up there, if not, get your a** to Googlin' RIGHT NOW. DMX and Coolio, sh*t, these two could cause some mayhem with $20 and a subway pass up to the dope spot. But f*ck it, it was a rumor-turned-fact, looks like Steven Segal's favorite sidekick, Ja Rule, DMX, had to play dirty with his mixed martial arts fight next month and got his a** handed to him, chop suey-style.

Thunder Productions tells TMZ they have signed Coolio to the upcoming celebrity boxing match scheduled to take place in Alabama next month. They tell us Coolio has been much easier to deal with and "he is going to take this seriously." X had previously agreed to the bout, but only on the condition he was guaranteed to win.

D*mn X, you got your sh*t mixed up with Kanye West, huh...LMFAO. This ain't Vince McMahon and you wouldn't have been getting commentary from (the world famous) Jim Ross for WWE..this is real sh*t. LOL. Well, with X not getting his way with a "fixed" fight, looks like Coolio has stepped up. Maybe it's my up north roots, but d*mn, something about "Alabama Pride" makes me think anyone with a skin complexion darker than Sammy Sosa (d*mn, that was a low blow, my bad!) would not only get denied a fixed fight to "WIN" but would also get a serious a** whoopin' all day. Right?

***LMFAO!!! (lololololo) SMFH...some of y'all are fools, but I swear, I love y'all on everything I type, no bullsh*t, dog. I've been going just about a month strong now and continue to try and get y'all's respect. If not from my words, then at least from my arguments. Sh*t is clear as day and while y'all keep me on my toes, I couldn't do this sh*t without y'all (and SOHH letting me do this and Caption Diss). SOHH keep the comments comin', and I f*ck with spammers, just have something good to say. (lolololo). LOL!***

Junk Mail

BONUS: It Was Written

LMFAO. I can't go a day without reading all of y'all hating on one of the most refreshing rappers to enter the game since Yeezy. Charles Hamilton. Wale. Drake. Aight, so he f*cked up with his first music video and got a sh*t storm tossed at him for Wayne's daughter and company dancing on-stage with 'em during "Best I Ever Had" at last summer's BET Awards, but he can really rap. Metaphors, nice transitions and a smooth delivery. His freestyle skills though? Ehhh...not SOHH much:

"I'll never forget how nervous I was," Drake explained in an interview. "It was such a rookie hip-hop moment -- and, obviously, the controversy of me pulling out my phone and rapping off my phone because I just wasn't prepared. A lot of people don't know the difference between freestyle or off the top and coming to a radio show knowing you got to go there, so you got verses cued up in your head, whether they be off your upcoming album or verses just that you have laying around. A lot of artists get that preparation time...I'm a writer, man. I appreciate the elements of hip-hop. I appreciate a guy like Common who goes city to city and just spits at the crowd for 10 minutes about everything he sees. I admire talent like that, because that's just not my creative process."

Ouch, Drake! My dude, just like I said about Diddy admitting to cheating, there is just some sh*t you don't let out of the trap. (Shout-outs to Tip!) And admitting your inability to freestyle, while you may think it's brute honesty to your fans, just shows some weakness to your rap image overall. We know your writing game is on point, but d*mn homie, SOHH much for those Freestyle Friday (throwback!) hopes.

BONUS: Finding Neverland

Papoose. Debut Album. Never-Going-To-Happen. At this point, the fans should at the very least hope for some new retail mixtapes, but we're going to see Detox in the Best Buy Clearance Sale section before Nacirema Dream gets a CONFIRMED release date.

"You're all going to hear something next year," DJ Kay Slay promised in an interview. "We have way more than enough songs; we just haven't found the right situation. We thought we had the right situation, but there were stupid motherf*ckas in positions that didn't know how to work with an artist like that -- so there [were] creative control conflicts, because I was like, 'We ain't doing that! This ain't why y'all brought us up here.' You see, that's what happens: When they get you, then you have some other n*ggas with some big-brained scheme, and then I'll ask a motherf*cker, 'When is the last time you been to Brooklyn? What record is Papoose most known for? Where's he performing at this week?' They don't know nothing about him, but they have all these d*ckhead ideas... And that's the reason why sh*t wasn't working."

Hey Slay, even though none of us have been in your position dealing with record label executives, let me give you some advice...they're ALL D*CKHEADS! SMFH...once you realize that, then start talking about Pap's debut release. And don't get it twisted y'all, I've been f*cking with him since those early 2005 mixtapes but these little weak a** updates are beyond frustrating now. F*ck, leak the sh*t and maybe it'll have a chance of actually being released in today's climate. LOL. ---Bulldog Butterworth

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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