News: 50 Cent & Beanie Sigel's "I Go Off" Collabo Snippet Lands Online

Thursday, Nov 12, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent and Beanie Sigel's upcoming "I Go Off" collaboration record has landed online nearly 48 hours ahead of schedule via a 30-second snippet of the song.

The preview record features both Beans and 50 sharing lyrical bars.

"I'll give you something to talk about / come around me fronting, I'll air you out / I go off," 50 harmonizes at the beginning of the song atop a drum-heavy, winded production. "I don't shoot sh*t off, dog, I gun it down / walk up on n*ggas and run them down / pull a stock out the K, throw a hundred rounds," Beanie rhymes with conviction. The eight bars conclude with the Broad Street Bully menacing, "Won't stop 'til your box lowered to the ground / put you in a urn, your bones are burn / The rap gorilla, the wack rap ringtone killa, I'm here / to find a n*gga equally realer is rare / you could meet me in the square if you dare to come near / I have no morals." (Billboard)

Their track has generated an online buzz with its release set for Friday (November 13).

Beanie Sigel Featuring 50 Cent "I Go Off" will debut on exclusively. Be sure to check for the collaboration track on Friday, November 13th when the nightmare begins! (This Is 50)

Sigel and 50 hinted at a joint venture during an interview earlier this month.

Sigel joined 50 towards the end of an on-air interview with "The Hot Boyz" Mikey Dredd and Uncle O, leading to a candid ten minute conversation. During the interview, 50 and Beans revealed that "Beans is coming to G-Unit," with no additional details as to how soon the new partnership might yield an album or single. (All Hip Hop)

Despite the hype, 50 later said he was not in a rush to sign Sigel.

"I had a meeting with him today," 50 said in an interview. "First we gotta start with the music -- where's the music? Then we have to get into what it would take to bring him over to G-Unit as a record company. You can't sign a deal in a conversation -- it's a process. We'll see what happens. I would listen to what he has. His skills haven't diminished. Nine times out of 10, he'll have something workable already on deck. When you're dealing with artists who have been established longer than you, it's a process. You have to figure out exactly where they are at before you commit to being a part of those projects, because they have habits and they've been conditioned for something different. You have to figure out exactly what that is before you dive in." (MTV)

Check out a snippet of the song below:

Check out Beanie Sigel and 50 Cent speaking below:

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