News: Young Buck Talks Life After G-Unit, "I'm Still Considered A Platinum Artist"

Saturday, Oct 17, 2009 4:53PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former G-Unit member Young Buck recently reflected on his life after being "kicked" out of 50 Cent's camp and said he has now learned from his past mistakes within the music industry.

According to Buck, he is now ready to leave his Unit comparisons and venture out for himself.

"I won't say that I'm perfect or that I've done everything right out of this situation but I've done more right than wrong," Buck said in an interview. "I'm man enough to admit my wrongs and correct [them]...It was a phase in my life that came and went and it was good while it lasted but right now it's about Buck...The second album is what they call the sophomore jinx, it's traditional that most artists' second record's numbers are lower than their first's numbers...I'm still considered a platinum artist. My first album went beyond platinum, second one gold...At this point I wouldn't consider myself number one in the mixtape game but I would consider myself definitely in the top three...To be honest right now I'm in Detroit, about 2 miles away from Eminem's studio, so you know my lyrical game is getting good." (All Hip Hop)

With the emergence of Buck on a number of mixtapes as of late, Juvenile recently told SOHH about the possibility of a UTP reunion.

"Yeah, I'm cool, I'm a business man," Juvenile said about a possible UTP reunion. "First of all, I want people to understand that and I am the owner of UTP. I want people to understand that I'm never gonna shy away from trying to do business. I was really the big push for Buck going to 50 because me and 50 was real cool and I looked at it like, 'Man, you could help me out by helping my dude because I can't really do nothin' for him right now. I was having a paper work crisis in that era when 50 came out and I did everything for 50 and I'm glad to see you on top, you know what I'm saying, and he said something good about me in his book, I appreciate that. It's all love with me, bruh. I like to see cats come up, I'm not on that kick, trying to bring a cat down, I get mad when somebody try to bring me down. That's the only problem we'll get out of it. I've seen Buck, I've done shows with Buck. We done got our puff on, it was cool, no problems." (SOHH)

Buck's dismissal from G-Unit was made public when 50 announced his decision last year on New York radio station Hot 97's now-defunct "Miss Jones in the Morning" program.

"You can look at it and see that's Game all the way," Fif said in the interview. "I was giving him a chance, giving him the benefit of the doubt. You can take this as an official notice right here, pretty much you can say, Young Buck is no longer in the group G-Unit, but signed to G-Unit [Records] as a solo artist." ("The Miss Jones Morning Show")

Buck recently spoke on his falling out with 50's rap group and took partial blame for their past beef.

"My whole strategy idea for coming back out and f*cking with this rap sh*t is totally opposite what motherf*ckers think I'ma do," Buck said in an interview. "I think a lot of motherf*ckers think I'ma come out [and] beef with 50 and holler 'F*ck G-Unit' and all of that sh*t. I ain't even looking to do it like that. I'm looking to just make straight god d*mnit good music and do my thing through the music...I'd rather just focus on making the music instead of dedicating energy to some sh*t that's meaningless. If we got a problem with each other, it is what it is...Maybe I got out of pocket a little bit because I played a part in the sh*t too. So I can't sit here and act like I ain't did sh*t. I just as much played a part of it as any other of the n*ggas I was with. Whether it was 50, Banks or Yayo or beefing with n*ggas unnecessarily. N*ggas had they reasons at the time for what they were beefing over." (Tim Video)

Check out Young Buck's "If I Have To" song below:

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