News: Wale's Debut Album "Attention: Deficit" Delayed

Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009 5:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Wale's highly-anticipated debut album, Attention: Deficit, has reportedly received a slight release date push back.

According to new reports, the rap newcomer's debut will land in stores a week later than expected.

The nagging pushback strikes again. Wale's debut album has suffered a minor setback. Attention: Deficit has a new release date of November 10, moving it back one week from the previous date of November 3. The project's original release date was in September. (Rap-Up)

The Washington, DC-based emcee will also embrace his hometown roots by placing a portion of regional go-go music on his new album.

"Go-go is something Wale is heavily influenced by, but not something he is going to force on people," Wale's manager Rich Kleinman explained in an interview. "Still, the same way he introduced them to go-go, he wants to introduce to his fans all of the other sounds he's been influenced by. Although I wish radio would have embraced the track in a bigger way-and we were disappointed it didn't get to the place on the charts we thought it would-we just wanted to put out the track that felt right now. Wale's the kind of artist that does what he wants when he wants to. That's why the album is titled that way-it's like a focused confusion or an organized mess. People usually think, 'What's good for the brand?' But he isn't that type of artist. He realized he was ready to work with mainstream producers and artists but will never lose the backbone of who he is. And although he wants to be a star, he won't sacrifice his fans for it." (Billboard)

While keeping details scarce, the emcee recently broke down the essence behind his long-awaited debut.

"The album is done man, dropping November 3," he promised in an interview. "I'm excited about it, we got this tour with Jay-Z and Lupe [Fiasco] that we're about to do. I think the energy is good in hip-hop right now. So I'm excited about that. I think [the album carries] a lot of raw emotion, the kind of emotion that's been missing from hip-hop for a while...[I have] the tour with Jay, we're doing a lot of major colleges. Just get ready for the album on November 3. It's just the tour, that's a lot right there. There's so many dates. It's great, I'm excited about it. I'm just really excited to make new fans on the tour because I've only done headlining tours. We haven't had the opportunity to open for people that much." (Complex)

Wale will hit the road later this week for a tour alongside Jay-Z.

Hip-Hop star Jay-Z says N.E.R.D, Wale and J.Cole are to join him throughout his upcoming North American concert tour. The Live Nation-produced tour is scheduled to make 24 stops at a mix of college campus arenas and traditional venues across North America, starting at Penn State University Oct. 9. (United Press International)

Attention: Deficit is now slated to hit stores Tuesday, November 10th.

Check out Wale's "World Tour" collaboration with Jazmine Sullivan below:

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