News: UPDATE: Lady Gaga Clarifies Kanye West Dropping From "Fame Kills" Tour, Responds To 50 Cent

Friday, Oct 2, 2009 5:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Lady Gaga has confirmed yesterday's reports of her joint Kanye West Fame Kills tour being canceled and has responded to 50 Cent's retracted gay comments from earlier this week.

According to Gaga, an agreement was made between one another to call off the highly-publicized tour.

"Well, actually, it was a mutual decision to cancel the tour," she explained in an interview. "But I'm not taking any time off, so I'll be leaving just a week later than I was supposed to on my own solo tour. It will be the same places. So I will see you guys there...In respects to the creative work that [Kanye and I] did together, I won't be doing any of the things that we designed for the tour. It will be entirely new, and it will be just as amazing and memorable and epic...[As far as 50's comments,] I think it's sad -- and I think that nobody in any genre of music should accommodate homophobia." (MTV)

While Yeezy has yet to address the decision, reports also claim both artists' camps were unable to work together.

If Kanye West doesn't regret hijacking Taylor Swift, he will now -- we're told his concert tour with Lady Gaga was scrapped because ticket sales sucked. And "sucked" happens to be a nicer version of the word we were told. And not only that -- our insiders say another factor in the cancellation was West and Gaga's people were at each others throats like their last names were Gosselin. When it came down do it, we're told Gaga decided she'd be better off playing smaller venues ... and far from the headache caused by Kanye's ever present drama. (TMZ)

50 retracted comments he jokingly made toward Ye and Gaga yesterday.

"During an interview with Angie Martinez yesterday, certain comments I made were taken entirely out of context. When I referred to the Lady Gaga tour as the "gay tour" I was basically repeating what I thought she had referred to the tour in the past. It was not my intention to offend anyone. I don't have a problem with anyone's lifestyle and have no issue with Lady Gaga, she makes great music." (Statement)

Reports of the cancellation landed online Thursday (October 1) afternoon.

Kanye West and Lady Gaga's tour is over before it began. Just days after announcing dates for an ambitious tour that was to kick off next month, the tour was canceled. Live Nation announced the news on Thursday. The tour promoter says refunds will be issued. (ABC News)

Check out the tour's original promotional trailer below:

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