News: Tony Yayo Encourages Rap Unity, "I Know Your Eyes Is Buggin' On Slaughterhouse & The Unit"

Friday, Oct 9, 2009 3:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit's Tony Yayo recently spoke on his admiration for rap crews Slaughterhouse, Dipset and D-Block and has stressed the importance of unity among rappers.

Discussing 50 Cent's rap-uniting This Is 50 Fest last weekend in New York City, the "Talk of New York" also described his admiration for former rap rivals, The Lox.

Tony Yayo seemed to be enthusiastic about all the crew love that went down on Governor's Island, where G-Unit, the Diplomats and the LOX all connected. "I know your eyes is buggin' on, like, what's going on -- Slaughterhouse, the Unit, D-Block out here, Dipset," the Talk of New York boasted. "My man Young Money Trav -- we got Jersey here, L.A., we got a lot of 'hoods. Detroit. "Talk about that new album, man," Yayo continued, looking in Joe Budden's direction. " 'Cause I picked up that [Slaughterhouse] album. I told [the rest of the group] you should do that 'Microphone' joint [onstage]." (MTV)

Speaking on working with artists outside his camp, the Unit's Lloyd Banks also discussed a possible Slaughterhouse collaboration from the event.

"V5 will be up pretty soon...Features on the mixtape, I got Tony Yayo of course, I'm trying to get him on another one before we wrap up. Shout-out to Havoc, I got Havoc on there. Shout-out to Cormega, getting ready to get that linked up right now. We got Nipsey Hussle on board, once again, shout-out to Nipsey Hussle, the whole West Coast. And the rest is a secret, but we definitely gonna get it going. Shout-out to Beanie Sigel too, Freeway what's poppin'? Young Chris too, I'm down to work with everybody. And I just hollered at Slaughterhouse too, so we might get something on there before V5 come out. We giving people what they want to see." (This Is 50)

Budden said he met face-to-face with Banks during 50's This Is 50 Fest at Governor's Island, New York.

"Nice talk w/ Banks...," Budden wrote Saturday night. "Whole lotta hip hop here.. Just what this game needed.. Thx Fif." (Joe Budden's Twitter)

Slaughterhouse has gained the respect of various artists as of late including The Alchemist and Saigon.

"Shout-out to Slaughterhouse," Saigon said in an interview last month. "People going around saying I've been talking dirty about Slaughterhouse, nah, I got much love and respect for everybody in that, aside from Joe Budden, everybody else, even Joe Budden, I ain't really got no issues with that man. Like I said, when we see each other or whatever, we gonna deal with it like men. I'm not saying I'ma do something to him, I'm saying, we need to sit down and polly." (Vlad TV)

Check out a preview of the This Is 50 Fest below:

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