News: Tiny Speaks On T.I.'s Prison Sentence, "He's So Busy In There"

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2009 10:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

T.I.'s long-time girlfriend Tameka "Tiny" Cottle recently gave an update on the Grand Hustle leader and revealed what he has been doing with his jail time since turning himself in last May.

According to Tiny, the couple continue to see each other once a weekend.

"I talk to him about a little of everything, just things going on," she said in an interview. "He hears things and we talk about it. He wants me to stay out the way, me being out of harm's way. I know it's a lot of crazy things going on so I try to stay in as much as possible because I don't have him here. So I come out only when it's necessary. I stay out the way...He's doing good. He's passing the time by working out and just doing things they do inside, you know," she stated. He's playing handball and things like that. I go see him every Sunday, sometimes on Mondays. We talk everyday. He gets emails, working out and doing things like that so he's busy in there. He has a full schedule." (All Hip Hop)

In a separate interview earlier this year, Tiny explained the role Tip's agent plays in visits.

"I see him every weekend," Tiny revealed in a July interview. "Like I go every weekend. Normally, if I go, I leave on Sunday and go visit him Sunday and Monday. I go two days. He's still saying [don't bring the kids.] I spoke about it just when I was there recently, well, actually somebody else was there, his agent. His agent was there asking about the kids and saying that he prefers them not to be there." (Atlanta's V-103)

Tip's Arkansas prison facility was recently shut down for over two weeks not allowing visitors due to a virus scare.

The visitation was restored Saturday (July 4) after having been suspended more than two weeks ago. Numerous inmates at the low-security unit were sickened by a suspected gastrointestinal virus in mid June. Visits were suspended for 18 days. The prison's executive assistant R.D. Weeks said 158 of the 2,075 inmates reported symptoms, along with several correctional staff members. One inmate did test positive for norovirus. (WXVT News)

Grand Hustle's DJ Drama later addressed rumors which claimed the rapper had been infected.

"Nah, I haven't talked to Tip directly," Drama explained in an interview. "But I was up at the office the other day and he's good. There were some rumors going on about some sickness or something that happened at the prison but all that's false, I know he's good. He's getting all the letters people are writing him and everything. Tiny has been up there multiple times even though he says he don't want nobody to come up and see him. I'm curious though, I definitely wanna know his reaction to the Michael Jackson situation, him passing and even in general you know. You think about all of the people locked up feeling the same way. Tip is good. He'll be home sooner than later. You know what I mean, get right back to work." (Mr. Peter Parker Show)

Tip is currently scheduled to be released from prison in 2010.

Check out Tiny's update on T.I. below:

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