News: The Clipse Talk Cam'ron Collabo, "We Both Have Two Really Strong Cult Followings"

Thursday, Oct 22, 2009 1:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Clipse recently talked about how they secured Cam'ron for a guest slot on their forthcoming 'Til The Casket Drops album.

Pusha T said the inspiration for the collabo came when they saw that Cam'ron was set to make a big comeback.

"The whole idea for the whole record came about because at the time the Clipse were real heavy on the blogs," Pusha T explained in an interview. "Cam's comeback was real heavy. We were both about to drop albums. We're like, 'Yo, we need to make one of them New York records -- real lyrical, like, a fan record.' We both have two really strong cult followings. From that conversation, Pharrell went into the studio and start playing with the drums and [came up with] 'Popular Demand.' Once the title came up, it was over. Pharrell got in full Cam mode...We started reaching out to Duke [Da God, Cam's A&R], just making sure it happened...He came through and he did it. I think everybody is gonna take to this record. Everybody!" (MTV)

Pusha T recently spoke with SOHH about being a fan of Killa.

"This is really like our second time trying to get Cam," Pusha told SOHH. "We really tried to get Cam on 'Grindin'' remix and he didn't do it. We've always been a fan of Cam -- he's dope at what he does, but beyond that, just at how he made -- he created this cult following. Just his creativity is nuts. So we reached out to him and we got an amazing record...I think this is gonna be groundbreaking. In making this album, we were like, really trying to make sure we were in every part of the country. And with this record right here, I think I have a record that will totally, totally just go crazy on New York radio. It's just something I always wanted to make. I'm from Virginia, so when I come to New York it's always that record that just runs Hot 97 or [Power] 105 and I wanted to make one of those. We're definitely in talks [of making a music video] with this one." (SOHH)

Clipse previously compared their rap comeback to Killa's from earlier this year.

"I think what's dope about it is we're coming out of a hiatus, same with Cam'ron," Malice explained in an interview. "To come back into the arena and do so together, I think it's pretty much a big deal. [Our collaboration with Cam 'Back By Popular Demand'] is insane. I think everybody got off on that track...The Neptunes were in the studio and they were just showing off this time. A few things were a tug of war, but when they came with it, they just came with it every time." (Rap-Up)

Malice recently said their latest effort has allowed them more "freedom" than 2006's Hell Hath No Fury.

"This album is like redemption for me," Malice explained. "We've been through so much with the label, with so much in our lives. Around Hell Hath No Fury, it was just rough times. You could probably hear it in the music. We had a lot of dead weight around us that got cleared out. This time around, everything is freer; we're in a happier place. You can really hear the change in the music. Listen to 'I'm Good.' You can feel it that we're better. Definitely. Hell Hath No Fury is about when it was more raw. This album is more along the lines of Lord Willin'. And you know Hell Hath No Fury is my favorite album." (Complex)

'Til The Casket Drops is slated to land in stores Tuesday, December 8th.

Check out Pusha T's SOHH interview below:

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