News: T-Pain Kills Auto-Tune Image W/ "D.O.A." Funeral, Places "Big A** Chain" In Coffin [Video]

Friday, Oct 16, 2009 10:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning singer T-Pain recently made a bold public statement as he arrived at an event driving a hearse and playing Jay-Z's "Death of Auto-Tune."

T-Pain's "funeral" took place during an album release party for DJ Khaled this week.

The highlight of the night started with T-Pain pulling up in a pimped out orange and blue hearse bumping Jay-Z's 'Death of Autotune'. He stood around his car and jammed out for a multitude of photographers, video cameras, bloggers and media outlets alike. Then he walked to the back of the hearse and pulled out a coffin and inside was a skeleton dressed in jeans and a white tee, wearing the 'BIG A** CHAIN' and his top hat. After parking his 'car' Pain walked down the red carpet and entered the club. (24 Hour Hip Hop)

Sampling Drake's "Successful" beat, Pain recently apologized to Jay-Z for publicly dissing him during a concert last month in defense of auto-tune.

"So that Nuvo got me poppin' sh*t," Pain says on the song. "All right, so let's talk about this Jay sh*t/Somedays I wish that I ain't never say sh*t/And Diddy said ain't no excuse for what I did/But I felt like he was knocking the same sh*t that feeds my kids/I do music 'cause I need it to make my world spin/So when you down it, it's like you dissing my girlfriend/And Jay one of the only n*ggas I hear bringin' it/So I didn't think that he would even entertain the sh*t/'Cause entertainment is see through/But if you really feel like I'm dead, then n*gga me too/I ain't tryna write your rhymes/But you coulda skipped one DJ and all you had to say was 'T-Pain, we cool'/But by all means don't that this as a diss or hatin'/I just wanna explain my side of the situation/So if you knew just how much respect I had/You'd know that I'm a real n*gga when I say, 'My bad.'" (T-Pain's "Successful" Freestyle)

Pain previously said his "F*ck Jay-Z" rant came from feeling disrespected by Hov at New York radio station Hot 97's Summer Jam concert last June.

"I will say, the interview he did yesterday morning, it made me feel so much better," Pain said in an interview. "Because these are high times, I really look up to dude -- I could have been one of these stupid artists and go at him lyrically -- my dad always told me, the best way to have somebody get at you is to go talk about them with somebody else. It was really just me trying to get his attention like 'Yo, please call me because I've been trying to call you for two months now.' I just wanna know, if you doing it for publicity, fantastic, and I'll do it with you -- just like 50 and Kanye, them dudes are fans. When they wanted to put it out as beef, to make it interesting, they acted like they hated each other -- I'm definitely cool with Jay. I bugged out that day. It was people in the crowd saying 'Jay-Z destroyed you.' -- He did clear up yesterday and I feel a lot better. Neither him or I have the time to be going through this beef crap man. I'm a fan of Jay-Z and Ima always be a fan of Jay-Z, me and [Fabolous] talked today, he apologized, he said it was stupid on his part -- somebody made a fake T-Pain page today saying nothing but 'F Jay-Z' and 'F Fab' and then Fab went in on me." (Power 105.1)

Jay-Z offered his response to the derogatory remarks Pain made about him in early September.

"I made it very clear I wasn't talking about him [on 'Death of Autotune']," Jay explained. "I think he's talented, I don't thik he needs auto-tune to sell records but if that's his prerogative -- Everybody has a birthday. They don't have much else to say, they can't attack my credentials as an artist or my lyrics as an emcee." ("The Ed Lover Show")

Check out T-Pain's "funeral" below:

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