News: Rick Ross Affiliates Triple C's Album Cover Revealed, Tracklisting Lands Online

Monday, Oct 5, 2009 5:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The cover art for Triple C's new album, Custom Cars & Cycles has landed online today (October 5) with a confirmed track listing which includes their mentor Rick Ross as well as Bun B, Young Jeezy, The Game and more.

According to the tracklisting, the upcoming project will feature 15 cuts.

Custom Cars & Cycles: 1. Custom Cars & Clips 2. White Sand 3. Break It Down featuring Bun B 4. Go featuring Birdman 5. We Getting It 6. Trickn Off featuring Gucci Mane 7. Throw It In The Sky 8. Erryday featuring Young Jeezy & JW 9. Customized 10. Gangsta Sh*t featuring The Game 11. Finer Things featuring Masspike Miles 12. Chicken Talkn featuring Mack 10 & Warren G 13. Diamonds & Maybachs Part 2 featuring Suede Royale 14. Hustla featuring Masspike Miles 15. Yams Part 2 featuring Yo Gotti (Press Release)

Ross recently spoke about what rap heads could expect to hear from the group's debut album.

"We feed the street that corner energy, that corner vibe. It's real big. We doing what we doing," Ross. The foursome release their debut group album, Custom Cars & Cycles, on October 27 with production from newcomers such as the Olympics and Transformers. The Game, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane and Mack 10 also appear on the record. "Gunplay [is] unorthodox energy. He's uncut. He'll jump off that roof. Torch is much more laid-back. He's much more technical with his flows. Breed is the projects, that's the gutter. He just wanna have on a pair of $150 shoes and show his teeth and bounce around and do it for the Dunk Ryders and the D-boys." (MTV)

He snagged Triple C's to appear on his Floyd Mayweather, Jr. diss record and music video, "Go (War Remix)" last month.

"F*ck Floyd Mayweather n*gga," Ross says on the song's intro. "You spoke my name, huh? Yeah. I been handling business the last few weeks p*ssy, but now it's time to feast. Boss. I'm d*cking on a p*ssy/Banking on a mob/You know the rules in Vegas, n*gga, now you owe the mob/Forever getting robbed, Bloods took your jewels/Can't beat the IRS baby boy, just pay your dues/Still making my moves, gotta Saran Wrap it/Pick up all them n*ggas you left at Grand Rapids/Undercover f*ggots, it's Pretty Boy leaning/I got 20 grand --bow down like you should before your a** bow down for good/Can't run forever, Haitians will come and cut off your foot/It's dirty down South, we riding by your mama house..." ("Go (War Remix)")

Ross has also said a collaboration album with Birdman could be possible in the near future.

"[Me and Birdman] have so much music already recorded," Ross said in an interview earlier this month, "so anytime he in the studio in Miami I come through and we stay working. We gonna handle the business on that real soon so that will be coming." (Wild 101.1)

The new album is slated to hit shelves Tuesday, Octobe 27th.

Check out Rick Ross' Triple C's introduction below:

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