News: Rick Ross Justifies Floyd Mayweather Diss, "He Wanted My Attention So I Gave It To Her" [Video]

Monday, Oct 12, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rick Ross has broken his silence on his recent Floyd Mayweather, Jr. diss record "Go (War Remix)" and said the undefeated boxing champion was calling for the rapper's attention.

While sarcastically wishing Floyd "much success," Ross also took a few jabs at the boxer himself.

"Oh yeah, I did a version that was picking on that girl," Ross laughingly admitted. "Nah, you know, some of my G's out in Vegas told me, you know, that he was kinda sweet. So I just put it on the table and they haven't addressed it. It is what it is, I wish him much success. But he wanted my attention so I gave it to her. [laughs]" (Live In The Den)

Rick Ross recently released a spoof music video which disses the undefeated fighter's career and exposes his alleged IRS problems.

The video uses Mayweather against himself by featuring clips of him bragging about his financial success such as him saying "Guess what? The difference between me and everybody else, my sh*t is paid for. What about yours?" but then plays news reports which discuss the boxer's alleged IRS problems. This includes him allegedly being $6 million in debt to the government due to taxes. Much like a parody diss record, Ross also raps from a boxing ring gym with a skinny boxer dressed as Mayweather with a robe which reads "Filthy B*tch." Ross' Triple C's are also featured in the video speaking on their profits while the spoofed version of Mayweather dances. (YouTube)

The actual diss record features both Rick Ross and Fabolous associate Freck Billionaire going at the boxer's image with robbery accusations.

"F*ck Floyd Mayweather n*gga," Ross says on the song's intro. "You spoke my name, huh? Yeah. I been handling business the last few weeks p*ssy, but now it's time to feast. Boss. I'm d*cking on a p*ssy/Banking on a mob/You know the rules in Vegas, n*gga, now you owe the mob/Forever getting robbed, Bloods took your jewels/Can't beat the IRS baby boy, just pay your dues/Still making my moves, gotta Saran Wrap it/Pick up all them n*ggas you left at Grand Rapids/Undercover f*ggots, it's Pretty Boy leaning/I got 20 grand --bow down like you should before your a** bow down for good/Can't run forever, Haitians will come and cut off your foot/It's dirty down South, we riding by your mama house..." ("Go (War Remix)")

Mayweather previously addressed Rick Ross in an interview over the summer.

"I don't have to take no shots at Rick Ross," Floyd said. "I got my own name, Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. That's original. With his rap career, I wish him nothing but the best...His stats and credentials don't rhyme. One minute he said he wasn't a CO or cop, next minute he is. He can learn how to get money from me. if he's a cop and rapping about selling drugs, I guess he was a dirty cop! You know me, I'm not ducking and dodging no one, it's not hard to find me. I'm in Miami all the time, Atlanta, everywhere." (All Hip Hop)

Check out Rick Ross & Triple C's interview below:

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