News: Rick Ross Defends MTV's "Hot" List, "As Far As Jay-Z Being No. 1, I Totally Agree" [Video]

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2009 3:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With the controversy MTV has received over their 2009 "Hottest In The Game" list, SOHH spoke with Rick Ross, who made the Top 10, and found out why he co-signed Jay-Z at number one.

According to Ross, Jay's influences extend beyond 2009 and has been a big motivation toward the artists who made the list including Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

"I don't speak on nobody that ain't on the list," Ross jokingly said. "It's called 'Get Like Me' at this point, you feel me? At the end of the day, those are people's opinions and I respect MTV's opinions. I respect those brothers over there, you know what I'm saying because I've seen 'em in the streets. If it was some motherf*ckers I never seen at these venues watching the performances, watching what's going on, I may not be able to respect it but I see [panelists] Shaheem Reid, I see Buttahman, they visible to me. When I see 'em, it's [respect] and as far as the list goes, I'm honored to be mentioned. And it is what it is and to me, I feel like the only spot that counts on the list is number one. Second means you were the first to lose. So as far as Jay-Z being number one, I totally concur, that's one of my white words. I totally agree with that because Jay-Z done influenced so many of the artists on that list. Signing Rick Ross to Def Jam, signing Kanye West to Def Jam, influencing Lil Wayne, co-signing Drake and the list goes on, so most definitely you gotta tip your hat off to Jay-Z." (SOHH)

Cash Money Records co-founder Baby recently said a number one "hot" artist should be based on selling ability.

"I don't think he a number one emcee in no kinda way," Baby said in an interview. "Wayne the best he do the most and he make the most money. I dont think no n*gga in the business make more money than us. How could you be the best if you don't make the best money, the most money and you don't do the most. Lyrically, come on man be for real man can't nobody f*ck with Wayne. And to me, if you number one and you aint getting no money it don't mean nothing. Who's making the most money. That's number one to me. F*ck all that rap sh*t. Sh*t, y'all got cold rappers you never even heard and then you got n*ggas who really can't rap and making money. It's about who's making the most money to me. I don't give a f*ck about the rest of that sh*t." (Tropical TV)

Jay recently released a public thank-you statement to MTV for making the No. 1 spot.

"MTV, Thanx for this nod of appreciation," he wrote in a statement. "Although I don't strive to be 'hot' for any particular year, I thank you for the acknowledgment. My whole goal is to be recognized as the best ever. I created the term 'best rapper alive' as a sign of respect to my fallen comrades (Biggie and Tupac). I believe I've allowed a significant grace period, and I believe I would not be respecting myself if being the absolute best was not my goal, and that's why I continue to push myself until exhaustion ... salute." (Rap Radar)

Ross associate Trina vouched for Nicki Minaj to be considered in the list earlier this month.

"I expect that, because the industry is male dominated," Trina said about the male dominance. "It's just too many guys. You got Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, T.I., Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, and you got 10 MCs. Where are you going to put a girl? She definitely deserves the respect. She doesn't have an album out or sold any records, but it's more so about the passion and the response she gets from the listeners. To see her pave her way from nothing to come up to be a topic or a name. You give that respect to the person coming up making a name for themselves." (XXL Mag)

Check out Rick Ross' SOHH interview below:

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