News: RAP ON HEALTH: "Obama Made A Lot Of Promises To People" -DJ Webstar

Monday, Oct 5, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

President Barack Obama has been met with both support and criticism over the past few weeks due to his push for health care reform in the United States, a push which DJ Webstar believes is needed for all Americans.

From Webstar's perspective, Obama's attempt at national health care reform has created anxiety and displayed the president's difficulty in securing Congress and the Americans' full support.

"I think Obama made a lot of promises to people and I think everything he wants to do is a beautiful thing," Webstar told SOHH. "Health care is one of the most important things, if not 'the' most important thing because we need our grandparents, we need our kids to be healthy and ourselves for that matter. So, whatever I can do to play a role in helping us get the best health care that we can get, I wanna do it but I don't know pretty much what I can do because Obama looks like he's having a little bit of problems getting what he want done. But I think health care is important, I think it's a great urgency for our country and we have to pay attention to our health care. I'm signed to two major labels, so they both -- I'm covered through my labels but I already had health care before this, so I'm good. I'm covered." (SOHH)

In an attempt to garner a stronger following, Obama is scheduled to speak with doctors today (October 5).

President Obama is rallying doctors at the White House Monday as his bid for a health care overhaul enters a key phase. The President says doctors are the best advocates for reform, because they witness the effects of the current health care system. Obama hopes the Senate Finance Committee will approve its reform bill this week. But that's just one of five bills to make it through committee hearings. So officials know that a huge task remains piecing together final versions and getting something through floor votes and to Obama's desk for signing. (KSBY News)

Rappers tuned in last month when Obama addressed Congress about health care reform and shared their overall reactions.

"Turn on your tv or radio and listen to the presidents speech!!!," Diddy wrote September 9. "If not for you for your kids or future kids!!! Retweet pls Breaking news!!! : There is an outbreak of b*tcha**ness in congress!!! #B*TCHA**NESS let's go people!!!! Retweet this to congress!!! Let's goooooo!!! RT @dreamhampton: What if Barack stopped speaking, walked over & slapped the sh*t out of @CongJoeWilson 'Say something now b*tch!' I'm kinda mad how disrespectful they were to our president. 4real. Not feeling it." (Diddy's Twitter)

Vice President Joe Biden has also said he supported Barack's health care initiatives and described the president's difficulty in persuading all Congressmen.

Biden expressed confidence that health care reform will pass soon. "I don't know whether he got the Republicans or not, but look, I am confident he has a clear majority in the House and Senate for reform," Biden said. "I think it [Obama's speech] is going to cause an awful lot of people to have an epiphany here." (ABC News)

Check out DJ Webstar speaking on health care below:

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