News: RAP ON HEALTH: "I Just Got Health Insurance Through SAG" -Kid Cudi

Friday, Oct 16, 2009 8:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

As a result of the high cost of health insurance plans, entertainers like Kid Cudi have had to go without medical coverage for extended periods of time.

Cudi told SOHH he became insured through the Screen Actors Guild last year.

"I just got health insurance through SAG, because I'm a member of SAG through the HBO show," Cudi revealed. "So I definitely got really excited because I was one of those people coming up where you had to let go and just ride out. I had no money to go to the doctor, it was hard for me to get medicine and stuff like that. At this day and age, everything is kinda like bugged out and messed up, you know with the recession [because it] is still very much [here] so I really don't have any strong beliefs on that stuff, really." (SOHH)

Artists like Playaz Circle's Dolla Boy believed the United States' health care system should allow citizens the right to avoid directly paying for insurance.

"I think health care is mostly needed by each citizen like, kinda like they [shouldn't] have to pay for health care and the United States makes more money than any country in the world," Dolla explained. "I think as far as like sales and production. I don't see any reason why health care could be a non-factor, like, we shouldn't have fees for U.S. citizens over here. I think taxing on so much other stuff, you pay taxes on five cent pieces of bubble gum and then on top of the five cent pieces of bubble gum, you got another sales tax." (SOHH)

Canadian rapper Drake has taken full advantage of his citizenship by having his recent knee surgery operations handled in Canada, a country known for its universal health care coverage.

Canada has a universal health care system that's paid for through income taxes and sales tax. All Canadians are covered, and they can see any doctor they want anywhere in the country with no copays or deductibles. Some things aren't covered: optometry, dentistry and outpatient prescription drugs. Many Canadians have private insurance to cover those services, though some struggle to pay for them out of pocket. (National Public Radio)

Last year, the president was working on multiple issues to help bring down the cost of health care in America.

To help expand health coverage, President Barack Obama is seeking changes to underwriting practices that can prevent Americans from obtaining affordable insurance. His proposals would ban higher premiums, caps or denial of coverage because of a pre-existing medical condition or when a person gets sick. But he contends that's not enough; Obama also would set up a government-run insurance option which he contends will keep private insurers honest. (Associated Press)

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Check out Kid Cudi speaking with SOHH about health care below:

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