News: Rakim On His Dr. Dre-Produced Records, "I Think A Lot Of It Is Just Gonna Stay Buried"

Tuesday, Oct 20, 2009 1:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rakim recently addressed his past run on Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records and said that fans should not expect to hear any of their unreleased tracks.

For Rakim, most of the tracks were reportedly in their "early" stages.

"I think what it was that when we got in the studio, we realized how different we were when it came to making music. I got a grasp of that and told him I needed to come back to New York and start all over. He understood that.I think a lot of it is just gonna stay buried," Rakim explained in an interview. "All of it was in its rough stages. It wasn't like nothing was really, kind of finished off. Most of the songs we did, Dre didn't have nothing to do with. It was one of them things where I was working with some of the producers and then once we got all of that mashed out, Dre was supposed to go hard but we never got to that point. I think most of it will stay buried." (Hip Hop Game)

The rap pioneer previously spoke on the advantages of being on Dre's label.

"Too many creative differences," he said about the Aftermath labelhead. "[Dre] wanted to go in one direction, and I wanted to go in another. I really wish we could've gotten on the same page, and an album would've come out like four years ago. There weren't any bridges burned, though, so hopefully we can work together again. One good thing that did come out of living in California for a few years was it opened me up to some West Coast sounds that I didn't know existed." (The New York Post)

His first single, "Holy Are You," from the upcoming album Seventh Seal, dropped over the summer.

"I need to talk to y'all for a minute," Rakim says in the intro. "Get serious for a minute. For those who find it hard to believe/It is they call me the God MC, the lyricist...the world wonder, still standing like pyramids/Designs so vivid, each brick it's got a story to tell...It's like watching a Big Bang theory emerge, I take titles, ball 'em to a billion words...Rap tight, rap like I've been preserved in time/Spit the holy water/Touch it to turn it to wine/It's the God..." ("Holy Are You")

Rakim weighed in on the importance of New York rappers to rep authentic hip-hop earlier this year.

"New York is responsible for bringing that raw...real gritty hip-hop 'cause we originated it" Rakim said in an interview. "New York and the East Coast, we gotta represent and do our part and then it's okay for everyone else to do what they do...then it'll be a balance and everybody will be happy...but once New York and the East Coast start submitting certain sounds right now, then yeah, a certain element of hip-hop will die." ("Jenny Boom Boom")

Check out a portion of Rakim's SOHH interview below:

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