Pulse Report: Shyne Inks W/ The Game, Jay-Z Blasts MTV For Eminem, Joe Budden Loses It & Method Man's A** Gets Taxed

Friday, Oct 9, 2009 4:00PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse's Report, we're rockin' that thang back and examining the past seven days to peep why Shyne is repping The Game, find out how come Jay-Z is taking on MTV for Eminem, see why Joe Budden is a lost one, check out Method Man's tax problems and more.

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do no necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. So Far Gone

Diddy. Puff Daddy. Shiny Suit Man... can you please put down the Pro-Active and get Shyne Po the best immigration lawyers in the game? (R.I.P Johnnie Cochran) It's been over eight years and one of the most publicized rappers behind bars made it one step out of Oz and the law couldn't help but detain him over his Belize citizenship. Even though Fabolous and Red Cafe showed the kid Brooklyn love on that Twitter sh*t, the realest rapper in the game since 2000 has been looked after to see if he is going to be deported or find a Slick Rick way to stay. Hate to break it to you kids, but my homie is getting that a** sent back overseas:

Shyne was released from the Clinton Correctional Facility - the largest maximum security prison in New York State - yesterday - but was immediately detained by Immigration and Customs officials. That's because Shyne who migrated to the United States when he was 7 - is a green card holder and standard US policy is that permanent residence holders who have been convicted of a violent crimes are deported to their home countries. But his attorneys are fighting deportation because Shyne's home is in New York and so is his future as a recording artist.

Stop the bullsh*t talk, okay? Shyne might as well call Bang Em Smurf to find out how life outside the U.S. is these days, because this ain't gonna be an easy ride. Even with his uncle talking about having some Barack Obama speaker involved and what not, nah son, it ain't going down. But hold the f*ck up, Gayme Game?


Still not convinced, then peep Game's manager Jimmy Henchmen's son announcing it on Twitter:


Black Wall Street and Gangland on some joint sh*t? SMFH...that's some disrespectful sh*t Game, starting rumors like that but sh*t, GO AHEAD! Game and Shyne breaking bread together? D*mn, Shyne was rapping over phones before, no reason why he can't send his MP3s to Game and stack those chips for a better immigration lawyer. Some thought he was going to sign with Jay-Z's Roc Nation and I even read some blogs saying G-Unit!?!?!?! SMFH!!! Read a f*cking book blog and do your research on Shyne and 50 Cent. In the meantime, Jay-Z and Diddy need to pony up some paper and get this kid back to his mom dukes in New Jersey, 'cause this government system continues to get more and more f*cked up every day, New York Governor David Patterson, stop faking, you "see" this sh*t too.

2. Off That....List

SMFH...d*mn, I know we should have taken Joe Budden's VIBE list suggestions last summer into consideration, but this sh*t has gone too f*cking far, MTV. No Eminem in the "Hottest MCs in the Game" list? Are you got d*mn kidding me? Just for some of y'all who don't f*ck with MTV on the regular, here's the break-down of their 2009 list. 10. Raekwon 9. 50 Cent 8. Fabolous 7. Young Jeezy 6. Gucci Mane 5. Rick Ross 4. Kanye West 3. Drake 2. Lil Wayne 1. Jay-Z

LMFAO. D*mn, I couldn't make that sh*t up if I tried. Now look, I f*cks with S. Reid and those other writers and panel heads, but this sh*t is bogus as f*ck. Granted, I'll let 'em slide with 1 through 4, but d*mn, how does Jeezy bypass 50, no one from Slaughterhouse get a f*cking spot (Budden at least!?!) and oh yeah, that white boy doesn't get a spot?

"Sidebar: Kanye moment if I may ... Eminem?!?!," Jay-Z wrote in a letter to MTV. "I think you do the credibility of this list a disservice if you don't thoroughly explain his omission. As of this second he has the highest selling rap album of the year and a scene stealing verse on the best 'posse' cut of the year . (*Hands mic back to Taylor Swift ... and nobody was harmed, I apologize in advance.)"

What makes it even worse are these lame excuses MTV ALWAYS serves up to make you question yourself:

Eminem's ranking was one of the most discussed topics at the Roundtable. His hotly anticipated return to hip-hop after a long absence drove first week sales of over 600,000 - the highest first-week of the year so far. He granted a handful of select interviews here and abroad, and was part of a massive moment with Sacha Baron Cohen at the MTV Movie Awards. But then Em retreated to the lab, where he spent the summer crafting Relapse 2. From June to September, Em all-but took himself out of the public eye, while other MCs generated week-to-week heat with mixtapes, guest appearances, performances and Web activity.

Get the f*ck outta here, MTV, really, that sh*t hurt my stomach. He was quiet for a few months? WTF did Drake do all SUMMER!?!?! Get some surgery and tweet every once in a 2012 moon? They have the nerve to try and sell that sh*t up to us, when they didn't even bother to pay Jadakiss respect with his Ruff Ryders reunion, give The Game a spot with his FIRE beef with Jay or the Greatest Of All Time one of the best rappers out, Eminem. Y'all lost my interest when LaLa's tatas left that building. Moving on.

3. Me & My B*tch

Even though I f*cks with Slaughterhouse and can't wait to mess with Budden's new album, The Great Escape, I can't help but remind you guys that this dude needs some help. Blame it on blogs and websites while telling us to suck your "d*ck," but you keep throwing up bullsh*t bricks for yourself, why not apply that "No Comment" rule, Joseph?

"I haven't been updating JoeBuddenTV as much, these websites that I drive traffic to, they just really thirsty to put anything Joe Budden-associated on their site," Budden told radio personality Angela Yee. "They can suck d*ck. I'm listening... I wanna know what's going on right now, what is this interview about? It's about Complex online...It's now, people are gonna ask, whatever people that are representing you are using the break-up as a bargaining chip...It's looking like it's in bad taste, it's making five years a gimmick... You wouldn't like it... Tahiry, listen -- I didn't call to speak to [Tahiry]. Angela, it's not all about all fairness, Tahiry don't know nothin' about nothin'. She trying to be in a game where she don't know a thing about anything...So if you gonna use this as some type of bargaining chip, then you gonna sell a story, get a check for it...Let me tell you something, I do interviews every single day, every day, I do an interview...Good-bye."

Maybe I should put this sh*t in lamest terms for y'all. Joe Budden is heart broken but confident. Tahiry is in-between, trying to move on. The cameras and recorders are still rolling. SMFH...Y'all already have a feeling for where I stand on this topic from last week. Sure, we can all say he, in fact, was the one who exploited their relationship by putting the sweet juicy tender a** and lips of Tahiry in his blog videos but at the end of the day, it boils down to allowing your relationship to become a bit too public. Rather than using another example of Tahiry talking with Complex over the week, I'd rather take a chapter out of Jay and Beyonce's book and maybe Budden"S" can remember it for his next wifey:

"When you live your life so out in the public, then your music and life are on display," Hov added. "You need to separate from it. You can't be in that light all the time. You need some type of escape from it. And that's one thing that's sacred and not in the public eye."

Personally, I think SOHH shouldn't follow this wack a** Romeo & Juliet saga, but f*ck it, as long as Tahiry keeps doing those sexy photo shoots and remains "single" for a while longer, we can all at least fantasize...ladies? Les-Bi-Honest...y'all would mess with her too, right? RIGGGGHTTT.

4. Paper Chaser

D*mn, Method Man, why??? I can't fake, ever since I heard about that whip of his getting jacked by the government last spring, I knew sh*t was gonna get ugly one way or another. Before Shyne stole all the "shine" from Mef a day later, the Wu-Tang Clan spitter got served them papers and had to take his a** down the road with some 'cuffs:

Grammy Award-winning hip-hop star Method Man turned himself in to authorities Monday morning after failing to pay nearly $33,000 in back personal taxes, officials said. The Wu Tang member -- whose real name is Clifford Smith -- walked into the Staten Island DA's office at about 8 a.m. to face felony charges in connection with neglecting to pay $32,799 dating back to 2004.

LMFAO. D*mn, you know it's on some real sh*t when they got you on the front page of the New York newspapers but even more when your a** is blasted on the nightly news. With all this catching up to Mr. Tical, my Wu brother decided to air some things out and hit up Big Tigger:

"You know, when you don't file [your taxes], that's what happens," Mef explained. "So that's the lesson I learned. I think it was four years and after three years that's when it's a problem. It's not a money thing because I paid it when they did that thing with the truck and contrary to everyone's belief, the truck wasn't repossessed. It's different when the government comes and takes a truck, they want their money. I took the black people route. I took the ghetto route. [laughs] But you know, you can't be waiting 'til the last minute and stuff like that. If it's not right there in your face, then these things happen...It's my fault totally. I just don't like things to get blown outta proportion and I'm glad that you gave me the option to speak my peace...The government is not playing, Uncle Sam pimp slapped me and it's a lesson learned and I'm gonna take this and learn from it. Everybody [in jail] was cool, I live in Staten Island so it was nothing."

Wow, Mef, you got pimp slapped, learned a lesson AND felt like the sh*t "was nothing?" You're pretty bold, maybe SOHH bold that you'll fight the claims and take this to the next level? Nah... didn't think so.

5. Better Than Before

Eminem is back, again. Sure, I kinda aired out MTV and y'all are probably sick of hearing about it..but, Relapse 2 is OFFICIAL! We knew about it for a minute, but when Em begins to break it down, you know there's gonna be a f*cking problem, anyone sensing 800,000 in its first week?

"[I'm] pretty much finished as far as recording," Eminem revealed. "I think all that's left to do is mix. And you know, in the mixing process, if I come up with anything else then [it will be on there.] I think it's gonna be a lot different, a lot different than what people expect as far as the contrast from the last record to this one, I think I went back...I got a couple of tracks with Mr. Porter, I got two tracks on the album with him so far, four, possibly five with Just Blaze and I think the overall basis of the record is -- it's more emotional driven.

Aight, so that's what he told Tony Touch, but even better, your favorite Saigon-approved rapper will also spit some sh*t (nah, literally) at Em for Relapse 2.

"Me and Fif did a couple of records, couple of months ago in Vegas, one song for my record and another for his," Em revealed in an interview last weekend. "We just wanted to like, I just had an idea to like 'Yo, why don't we do something we ain't done yet.' And kinda go back and forth, we've kinda done it on other records but not to the extent of what we're doing on this one."

Now look, I could have done this same sh*t with 50 Cent and talked about Before I Self Destruct, but since that album is turning into a pre-Detox release, it's more important we talk about how Em is gonna drop this sh*t before Dr. Dre comes close to finishing up those BISD mixes. With that said, I got "Commenter of the Week" shout-outs to anyone who can estimate how many units Em will do first week without even a first single. Sh*t, you can copy/paste your comments and link when his album drops later this year into a future Pulse Report (if y'all help me keep this gig...keep reading and share with your friends!).

***D*mn, there's so much talks going on and y'all pulled out big numbers for the kid last week, so thanks for continuing to f*ck with "Mr. Bulldog Butterworth" LMFAO and let's show SOHH that y'all can keep up with me. Personally, these week-in-review reflections are better than putting up rumor sh*t, so we'll see. I'ma see y'all in those comments sections regardless though! LOL. Peace.***

Junk Mail

BONUS: Beef Gone Wild

Wow, can we please go a week without some bogus a** beef situations? Of course the media takes it and makes it seem like rappers are going at each other's necks, but d*mn, this week in particular? We saw some classic sh*t y'all. Fat Joe loving 50 Cent? Fabolous laughing at 50 Cent?

"I've realized something really, that, he's my number one fan and really loves Fat Joe," Joey told radio personality Angie Martinez. "I'm really tuned in to that, I really came to that realization that he's my number one fan because I'm a little upset at the label, I felt we could have did way more promotions, but if you didn't know Fat Joe's album was coming out today, I think he said, 'Yo, my man Joe needs this little bit of promotion man, like he's so much of a formidable opponent, that you know, I gotta keep this guy around, I gotta go promote his new album.' Absolutely. Promotions. Nah, thank-you 50, man, major promotions, you really bigged me up. Nobody was thinking about me before that, thank-you, I love you. J.O.S.E. II in stores right now."

LMFAO!!! D*mn, Crack does have some valid points. Before looking at SOHH's Sales Wrap, I ain't know sh*t about Joe's album dropping this week, d*mn, 50 did promote that album. But Fab having to clarify sh*t he said that we all know is true about 50 not f*cking with rappers just a few years ago?

"The kind of artist he was when he started he was almost totally against that. He isolated himself and G-Unit, and even attacked other people, and had beefs with other people, mainly other New York rappers. A lot of people feel like he helped crumble New York Rap because he changed people's perspectives, changed people's situations. He was incredibly successful. He had the power of King Kong and they were not as successful and they were kind of at his mercy...

BONUS: Dream Shatterer

SMFH...I have literally wrote Dr. Dre off my books these days. I still remember holding that 2004 XXL Magazine cover with Game, Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre and Eve where Dre said Detox may not even get worked on at all. SMH...I wish he could have kept his word on that, 'cause now Doc is still playing with fire promising the sh*t is going to "one day" hit stores...unfortunately, that one day won't be before 2010.

"[I'm] only [working] on my album that I've been working on for the last ten years, that's it [laughs]," Dre said about what projects he is working on. "The Detox record. Hopefully I'll get it done by the end of this year and you'll hear it next year. Motivation and other things getting in the way, that's it [has caused the delay.]"

And oh yeah, Game and Snoop Dogg are in the studio working with him just because a photo of all three of 'em was published online last weekend? Get the f*ck outta here with that:


Who knows, maybe all this sh*t is some type of strategic plan, maybe Dre thinks John Cusack is gonna kick knowledge and scare people about 2012 and then drop his album in "2013" or maybe he just has a lot of sh*t to do and really ain't motivated? At this point, who gives and why "wait" for that when Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, SMFH....50 Cent.....SMFH, Sean Price, Cam'ron and a bunch of others are writing for their upcoming albums. This ain't 1999 and no one has matched Eminem yet, so the hype behind Detox is nothing compared to when that sh*t dropped....Jay wasn't the 'Best Rapper Alive' and Lil Wayne was still in the background of Juvenile's records...SOHH don't play yourself by waiting, keep that sh*t moving. ---Bulldog Butterworth

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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