News: Plies Confident In "Goon Affiliated" Album, "We Calling It An Antique"

Friday, Oct 16, 2009 2:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Southern rapper Plies said fans could expect his upcoming album Goon Affiliated to be an instantly certified "antique" when it lands in stores.

Aside from confirming the album's title, Plies explained why his fourth solo project should not be labeled classic.

"We ain't calling it a classic -- we calling it an antique," Plies said in an interview. "It ain't just me that's saying it, the streets are saying it. We ain't doing the classic, we did them the last three [albums], so it's fortified, Goon Affiliated the antique." (MTV)

Plies' brother, Big Gates, also told fans what they could expect from the rapper's upcoming LP.

"He actually records a lot of songs he don't put out," Gates added during the interview. "Going through that whole process of all them songs -- just about all of them are hits anyway -- it was a hard process. But I think I got it pretty much nailed to the T...My whole purpose was to pick 18 classic songs. I wanted to like all 18 the same. I wanted to say, 'This my favorite, this my favorite, this my favorite.' So I think we got that." (MTV)

Led by the single "Becky," Plies was initially scheduled to land in stores weeks before Halloween.

This October will be filled with ghouls, goblins, and goons. Plies is set to release his new album during the spookiest month of the year. The Florida rapper's fourth album in just over two years, Goon Affiliated, will hit stores and digital retailers on October 6. The first single, "Becky," is already creating a buzz. Goon Affiliated, which got its name from Plies' older brother Big Gates, marks a series of firsts for the "Bust It Baby" MC. He is featuring another rapper on the album and isn't using the word "real" in the title. (Rap-Up)

He previously hit up SOHH to talk about his view on lyricism within the rap game and the importance of his last album's title, Da REAList.

"A lot of people that follow me from my core audience, from my mixtape days up until now has always kinda categorized me as the realest in their opinion," he said. "It was kinda my salute back to all my core audience who followed me for so many years...Not knocking any of the lyrical artists in the industry but what does that really mean? That means you're articulate. I think it means you're clever but to me I think to be those things -- I don't want to call you a liar but you have to be unrealistic to a certain extent. You can't find a dude that's great with words that it's one hundred percent truthful as well." (SOHH)

Aside from music, he spoke on launching his own "goonette" search earlier this year.

"Anytime you see me in front of the camera you know I got some breaking news for ya," Plies said in an April MySpace video. "So what I want to bring to you right now is to introduce to you my TV series, brah, that's on its way real real soon...I'm finding people that's interested in me enough that I can get them the stamp of approval and label 'em a goonette. For y'all that don't know what a goonette is, it's a female that's strong, independent female who fights through her trials and's a female hustler. (MySpace)

A confirmed release date for Goon Affiliated has not yet been announced.

Check out Plies' "Becky" music video below:

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