News: Co-Writer of New Michael Jackson Single "This Is It" Threatened To Sue His Estate

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2009 10:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New reports show the late Michael Jackson's latest single, "This Is It," was reportedly written and crafted over 20 years ago by co-writer Paul Anka.

A portion of the track has also been found on another artist's album from 1991.

The co-author of that tune, "My Way" songwriter Paul Anka, threatened to sue Jackson's estate for proper credit and his share of royalties. The administrators of the estate quickly acknowledged Anka's claims and granted him 50% of the copyright. The song dates back to 1983, when it was known as "I Never Heard" -- a co-write between Jackson and Anka -- and intended for inclusion on an Anka album. But the pair fell out, Jackson took the master tapes and Anka got them back. The song was eventually released in 1991 after Anka placed it with a Latin singer named Sa-Fire. Both "I Never Heard" and "This Is It" share the same vocal and piano line, although the latter track boasts new overdubs from Jackson's brothers. (Billboard)

Anka has also confirmed his role in creating the song, which has led to his 50 percent copyright.

"They realize it's a mistake, they realize it's my song, they realize it's my production of his vocal in my studio and I am getting 50 percent of the whole project, actually, which is fair," Anka said in a video. (TMZ)

The track landed online earlier this week and is the first single from Jackson's This Is It film.

This is it, MJ fans -- the first posthumous single from the King of Pop, pegged to his upcoming two-disc CD and concert documentary of the 50-date London stand that he didn't live to complete. If you think the mid-tempo ballad, with its fingersnaps, soaring chorus and big-build strings, sounds like classic Michael, you'd actually be right -- the song supposedly comes from sessions for his 1991 album Dangerous. (Entertainment Weekly)

The album's co-producer John McClain described the new song's value.

"This song only defines, once again, what the world already knows -- that Michael is one of God's greatest gifts," said John McClain, co-producer of the album and an executor of Jackson's estate. It will be available to buy as part of the two-disc album "This Is It" which hits the shelves internationally on October 26 and in North America on October 27 to coincide with the global release of the Jackson movie of the same name on October 28. (Reuters)

Check out Michael Jackson's "This Is It" single below:

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