News: Method Man On Tax Evasion Arrest, "Uncle Sam Pimp Slapped Me" [Audio]

Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009 6:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rapper Clifford "Method Man" Smith has broken his silence on his arrest earlier this week for tax evasion charges and said he has "learned" his lesson.

Speaking with radio personality Big Tigger, Mef jokingly admitted to not staying up-to-date with his tax accountant.

"You know, when you don't file [your taxes], that's what happens," Mef explained. "So that's the lesson I learned. I think it was four years and after three years that's when it's a problem. It's not a money thing because I paid it when they did that thing with the truck and contrary to everyone's belief, the truck wasn't repossessed. It's different when the government comes and takes a truck, they want their money. I took the black people route. I took the ghetto route. [laughs] But you know, you can't be waiting 'til the last minute and stuff like that. If it's not right there in your face, then these things happen...It's my fault totally. I just don't like things to get blown outta proportion and I'm glad that you gave me the option to speak my peace...The government is not playing, Uncle Sam pimp slapped me and it's a lesson learned and I'm gonna take this and learn from it. Everybody [in jail] was cool, I live in Staten Island so it was nothing." (Live In The Den)

The rapper, who was met by media, attempted to avoid being spotted by cameras upon leaving a criminal court on Monday (October 5).

Smith clutched an "Ultimate X-Men" graphic novel during the noon proceedings at Stapleton Criminal Court. He appeared to be holding his page with his thumb as he held the book behind his back during the arraignment. Earlier today, Smith, 38, of Arden Heights, used the book to shield his face while he was led out of the 120 Police Precinct station house, St. George. Smith faces a charge of repeated failure to file personal income and earnings tax, a felony punishable by up to four years in prison if convicted. He also faces a misdemeanor charge of failure to pay tax. He is due back in court on Dec. 9. (Staten Island Advance)

Mef turned himself in Monday (October 5) morning.

Grammy Award-winning hip-hop star Method Man turned himself in to authorities this morning after failing to pay nearly $33,000 in back personal taxes, officials said. The Wu Tang member -- whose real name is Clifford Smith -- walked into the Staten Island DA's office at about 8 a.m. to face felony charges in connection with neglecting to pay $32,799 dating back to 2004. (New York Post)

The arrest was made public this week.

The arrest was announced by District Attorney Daniel Donovan and New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Acting Commissioner Jamie Woodward this morning. "Taxes are the burden that all citizens share in a civil society, whether you are an 'average Joe' on the street or a high-profile rap artist," said Donovan in a press release. "Because of the alleged action of people like Mr. Smith, law abiding citizens face higher taxes and reduced government services. Failure to properly report and pay your taxes is a crime against all citizens and will be aggressively investigated and prosecuted." (SI Live News)

Check out Method Man's interview with Big Tigger below:

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