Exclusive: Master P Discusses "No Excuses" Special Premiere, "This Is Gonna Be Life-Changing" [Audio]

Monday, Oct 26, 2009 3:20AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

In light of tonight's premiere of  Master P's "No Excuses", SOHH hit up the No Limit soldier to get the inside scoop on the television special in which he convinces an ex-gang member to change his lifestyle.

For P, the show's overall message of doing the "right" thing will be life-changing to viewers.

"And that's what it was about, I wanted to show diversity," P explained about the special. "This [special] is about the culture, it's about young people but also it's about reality, it's about survival and that's what this show's about. It's about giving people second chances -- when you look at this guy coming from a gang, I mean he's got 186 tattooed on his arm saying 'I owe you one' so you know what kind of lifestyle [he's in] so if we don't educate people to the environment then you gonna constantly lose -- this first show is about giving people second chances, they got people that started off overweight but then got it together and came back like 'Wow, who is that?' also people who are shopaholics...I think this is gonna be life-changing to people because it's not only going to show 'em no excuses, it's gonna show 'em that if you do the right thing, you can enjoy life. Most of us who come from the ghetto don't get a chance to enjoy life because we're always living on the hustle." (SOHH)

The special will focus on an ex-gang member named Torrie Jackson based out of California.

"No Excuses", a 30 minute special airing Monday, October 26th at 10:30PM on VH1, features Master P's intervention of Torrie Jackson -- a former gang banger in Los Angeles. Torrie won't step up, get a legitimate job and be a role model for his son as his excuses have held him back. His complaints of having no money, no car, and no way of getting to job interviews have led girlfriend Keisha to make a desperate plea to Master P for help. Keisha fears that Torrie's unemployment and lack of motivation will leave them broke and homeless. If Torrie can't get his act together, Keisha will be through with him for good. (Press Release)

P previously spoke with SOHH about his reasons for linking with VH1 for the special's airing.

"Well, the thing about it is, I was able to do this in conjunction with Better Black TV, so VH1 wanted to do something different, the president of the company was real eager, he wanted to do something different and that made a difference in people's lives," P explained. "The people I worked with they felt this would be a good fit. I'm always doing stuff that's out of the box and this is a show you wouldn't normally see on a network like VH1. I think I will change the game with this show to where VH1 audience will start looking at it and saying 'Wow, okay, these guys have other options to offer, this is new.' You ain't expecting to see a show like this on VH1. With the economy, I think people want better and I think with VH1, they want better, I think it was a great opportunity for both of us and it was a great opportunity for me to co-brand my television network so it's the best of both worlds." (SOHH)

The rap mogul is most known for his No Limit brand in the 1990's.

After growing up in the projects of New Orleans, Master P is no stranger to the dangerous life of a hustler. Having overcome various obstacles, he reached his dreams by selling millions of CDs and establishing his successful music label "No Limit." Master P is now on VH1 to implement his "work hard and never make excuses" philosophy to help others achieve their goals. (Anti Music News)

"No Excuses" airs Monday, October 26th at 10:30 PM EST

Check out a portion of Master P's SOHH interview below:

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