News: Lupe Fiasco Challenges MTV's "Hot" List, "I'm Finna Just Work Every Day, Four Songs A Day" [Video]

Monday, Oct 12, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has promised to increase his work ethic and produce more records so he can secure a spot on MTV's "Hottest In The Game" 2010 list.

Speaking to fans at a concert, Lupe broke down his new found motivation.

"Now a few days ago, well, over the past three, four weeks, [MTV] put this list out on MTV," Lupe told a crowd of fans. "And it was the top ten emcees. It makes sense 'cause it's the top ten emcees for like 'right now.' Which is cool, makes sense, n*ggas be hot. But I knew I wasn't gonna make it because I haven't done sh*t in years or some sh*t like that. I was like 'Okay, well f*ck it then.' You thinking like two straight solid years where I need to be one, two, three, four and five on that motherf*cker. So, I decided to put in the work. I was like 'You know what? I'm finna just work every day, four songs a day or some sh*t.' And then we'll see next year, who'll be number one on that list. So I did this sh*t the other day." (YouTube)

Lupe also delivered up a new song called "Fire" which addresses MTV.

Chicago's leader of the new school, Lupe Fiasco addresses MTV's Hottest MC list with the Jimi Hendrix sampled "Fire". It's good to hear Lupe back on it, I was starting to think he was gonna let Kid Cudi and Wale take his spot, Lasers still on the way. Lupe clarify's sorta "Not a diss of the list...knew I wasn't gonna make it ha!...but I'm using the fact that I wasn't on it as an excuse to just start wrecking sh*t on a frequent basis so by the time the next one comes out I'll be number 1,2,3,4 and 5..." (Sound Verite)

Rappers like Maino initially questioned how certain rappers could make the cut who have not released music as of late.

"Some of these people ain't had a record in years," Maino said while reviewing the list. "Is it based off record sales? Is it based off presence in the game? You got n*ggas on here that can't even rap. I don't claim to be this or that, I don't claim to be this nice or that nice, I'm just one of the realest n*ggas in the world -- Two straight summers I held down and there's a couple of these n*ggas that ain't had a summer song since 90-something. How you on the list of hottest in the game today, some of them should be hottest in the game overall or past years, no disrespect to some of them on the list but you got legends that did what they did and paved the way for me but at the same time, if you not relevant today -- then how are you on 'The Hottest MC's In The Game' list? They almost try to paint the perception of if you're not on the list, you're not hot." (This Is 50)

50 Cent expressed his discontent with the annual list in an interview around 2007.

"I didn't see [the list] but they asked me about it," Fif said in an interview with DJ Clue. "Well you know, these c*ck suckers -- it's terrible man, it's almost impossible for you to maintain a position without just being a total idiot. God made all of us, so he knows to give me special attention -- [MTV personality] Sway should just jump in front of a bus on his way up here man for doing that -- he's a meathead. They're not using their brains anymore, man. There's a difference between a guy that has eight records and a guy whose built consistency." (Power 105)

Check out Lupe Fiasco speaking on MTV below:

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