News: Lil Wayne's Songstress Shanell Joins Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Saturday, Oct 10, 2009 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Lil Wayne songstress Shanell aka SNL has joined forces with Hard Rock Cafe's worldwide campaign to help bring breast cancer awareness throughout the world.

The songbird has been spotted through Europe helping speak up on the global problem.

Shanell aka SNL of Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment is one of the new artists asked to lend her support to Hard Rock Cafe's worldwide campaign for Pinktober, a Breast Cancer Awareness initiative led by various "Women of Rock" including Melissa Etheridge, The Bangles, and others. While on the Young Money tour in Europe with Lil Wayne, Shanell appeared at the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam on October 6th for a special signing of one of the custom-made pink ribbon Epiphone guitars to be auctioned off for charity. (Press Release)

Hard Rock has teamed with additional artists to help spread awareness.

Join forces with Hard Rock, Melissa Etheridge, the Bangles, and a host of musicians around the world for Pinktober, the campaign for breast cancer awareness. Hard Rock Cafes and Hotels everywhere are hosting Pinktober parties and live music events, raising awareness and money for local, national, and international charities, such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and The Caron Keating Foundation. As well, a portion of Pinktober apparel and accessories sales go directly to breast cancer research. (Hard Rock)

Shanell recently spoke with SOHH about Lil Wayne's upcoming Rebirth album.

"It 'does' exist and it's incredible in my eyes," Shanell promised. "I really think it shows another side of Wayne and Young Money because everybody's on it. Everybody's been able to express somewhat an alternative side of themselves so it's gonna be interesting, it's going to be different. There's a lot of rapping, but there's a lot of other stuff. I just think the world is ready to hear some different music. He's a creative person and you can't rush creativity and as you saw even with Tha Carter 3 album, that was pushed back and pushed back and pushed back but when it came out? It blew up and it was a great album so I would say, you know, good things come to those who wait." (SOHH)

Young Money's Nicki Minaj discussed a possible Rebirth collaboration she may have alongside Wayne.

"Usually in the beginning Wayne would have an idea and I would just write a verse around Wayne's idea," she explained. "However, for the new stuff that you guys haven't heard yet that will probably be on Wayne's Rebirth and the Young Money compilation album -- I went in there and chose beats, did the hook, and wrote my verse. Wayne then came in and loved it and he added his stuff on it, so it all depends on who vibes to the beat first and feels something." (New Lil Wayne)

Check out Lil Wayne & Shanell's "Play In My Band" live performance below:

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