News: Lil Wayne Breaks Down "Rebirth's" Sound, "I Play Guitar On 80% Of The Songs"

Friday, Oct 30, 2009 5:42PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has offered more details on his upcoming Rebirth album and said fans could still expect to hear a heavy rock influence on a majority of the records.

According to Weezy, rocker Travis Barker made the album's guest features cut.

"Yes, the album is still rock," Wayne explained in an interview. "I play guitar on 80 percent of the songs and there's a lot of rock influences and rock beats. I also have Travis Barker on the album. But I don't want people to think I'm trying to do something I can't do. Don't think you're going to put on the album and hear me screaming and singing... Don't worry about that [laughs]. When people hear me say rock, they may get a little scared like, Oh, God. What is he going to do? When I said I was doing a rock album, it was about doing a freedom thing. This album isn't hip-hop. When I do my Carter albums, I know I've got to rap, I know I've got to spit. I know the words I've got to say and the subjects I've got to talk about. I also know the things I shouldn't say, the things I shouldn't talk about. There's none of those limits on this album. I say what I want, how I want. That's what this album is, a freedom album. And rock is the avenue that gives you that freedom. I'm just having fun, that's all. Trust me, people will like these songs. It's my job to make them love them, but I know for a fact they'll like them." (Rap Radar)

He recently touched on the public's misconception of the project being speculated as fully "rock."

"I don't want the people to classify what I'm doing as 'rock' and then look at rock and say, 'Oh, he's gonna do that.' No. You look at rock and whatever, then look at what Lil Wayne is and say, 'Lil Wayne is gonna do something to that?' That's how you look at that...I don't even know how to do that, I know how to do me." (Tim Westwood TV)

Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman recently took a moment to describe Wayne's new projects.

"We still feel like we got a long way to go man," Baby said in an interview. "His music and his heights are unlimited. We do pop, rock, rap, everything, so when you catering to our nationalities, our songs, it's not gonna be just one urban record. You gotta do pop records, cross over records...They think [Rebirth] is rock, but it got a little heavy metal to it. He still Wayne, he still doing his thing on that motherf*cker...And the music he's about to do, because he's coming with the rock album and Tha Carter IV as a double disc. It's a lot out there, and the Young Money album all on the same day. December 15th. My album and Jay Sean album come out November 24th." (New Lil Wayne)

Young Money's Shanell aka SNL, who penned "Prom Queen," recently spoke with SOHH about Wayne's upcoming Rebirth.

"It 'does' exist and it's incredible in my eyes," Shanell promised. "I really think it shows another side of Wayne and Young Money because everybody's on it. Everybody's been able to express somewhat an alternative side of themselves so it's gonna be interesting, it's going to be different. There's a lot of rapping, but there's a lot of other stuff. I just think the world is ready to hear some different music. He's a creative person and you can't rush creativity and as you saw even with Tha Carter 3 album, that was pushed back and pushed back and pushed back but when it came out? It blew up and it was a great album so I would say, you know, good things come to those who wait." (SOHH)

Lil Wayne's The Rebirth is due in stores Tuesday, December 15th.

Check out Lil Wayne speaking on his new album below:

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