News: Lil Boosie Breaks Silence On Prison Sentence, "It's Just A Minor Setback"

Monday, Oct 12, 2009 5:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Lil Boosie has confirmed recent reports that he will be reporting to prison for a 10-month sentence on drug charges and said he is prepared to serve his full term behind bars.

According to Boosie, the Southern emcee will be forced to begin his sentence on November 9.

"It's just a minor setback," Boosie said in an interview. "I am not even a convicted felon and they are giving me time. Before I take them to trial, I am goig to take my year like a real man and come back home and let that boost my career move. It's just crazy how the Louisiana court system works." (All Hip Hop)

The rapper was given his prison sentence last month.

"Local rapper Torrence 'Lil Boosie' Hatch pleaded guilty this afternoon to drug and gun charges," a WAFB reporter said in an evening broadcast. "Lil Boosie was scheduled to stand trial this coming Monday but entered a plea deal today to avoid trial. Deputies last fall reportedly seized a bag of marijuana, a cigar containing the drug and a gun from Boosie's car. The 26 year-old rapper was sentenced to two years of prison time, however, Lil Boosie could serve as little as one year depending on his behavior while he's locked up." (WAFB News)

After a Louisiana police officer accused Lil Boosie of attempted bribery in a recent pre-trial hearing related to an arrest last year, SOHH spoke with the rapper to get his side of the story.

"Officer just lied and he said I told him I pulled out a big [roll] of money," Boosie explained. "They tryna blow it up to turn the judge against me. That's just a lie. I always have a big wad of cash and three credit cards, too." (SOHH)

He recently spoke on his issues with the Louisiana police system.

"I got a tracking device on, I got a big trial September 28," he said. "I'm just staying focused, you know I think about it every day but I just go home doing music after music not knowing what my situation would be... In Baton Rouge we got a crooked court system. And I'm a target down there you know. I'm not even a convicted felon -- it's getting bigger and bigger you know, they putting things on the news. They showing me on the news doing all kind of other stuff not showing the good side I do. All my giveaways to the community and things like that. It's just a hick town, you know, and I'm in it...Everywhere I go they pulling me over they hacking me up. About a year ago they came in my house for nothing, just kicked the door, shot bombs in the house. I got kids in my house and everything. Who the h*ll give you permission to shoot bombs in the house?" (Team Yee)

Check out a recent Lil Boosie interview below:

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