News: Killer Mike Holds Down Grand Hustle, "I Want T.I. To Step Out To A Moving Running Engine"

Friday, Oct 2, 2009 3:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grand Hustle's Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga, who is holding down the company's name while T.I. serves his 366-day prison sentence, recently discussed his plans for  the "King of the South's" 2010 release.

Mike also reflected on what advantages he now has since leaving Big Boi's Purple Ribbon record label and signing to Grand Hustle last year.

"Let me tell you how it has been different," Mike explained in an interview. "I came in here, I made dope music, the dope music went out on vinyl and went out on mixtapes immediately. It wasn't no waiting, no holding to see what happens. It got taken to radio and radio is hittin' the single in my city right now. No waiting, no holding it...So if you're a pro-active artist then this is the place to be. If you're in the streets trying to work it yourself, most of these artists are, Big Kuntry is one especially, once they see your wheels spinning, they'll get behind your car and push it. And that is a really unique place to be at. To be around people that's about the grind. People are eating. When people know there's an opportunity for everybody, it eliminates that air of backbiting and I'm happy. When Tip steps out I want him to step out to a moving running engine. I want him to come out happier than the day before he went in. I want him to say wow look at what y'all managed to do while I've been gone." (All Hip Hop)

Grand Hustle's Young Dro also spoke on Tip's prison sentence last June.

"Well, it sort of goes down the line," Dro said in an interview. "After T.I., I became successful stacking up him. Yung L.A. became successful stacking up me. It would have to trickle down. Like I gotta step up to the plate because I'm the next person that was selling albums, that went gold or whatever. It's really not to the point where we looking forward to it happening again, but I gotta step up to the plate. I gotta maintain his record sales, I gotta send these people plays on the radio. I gotta get back on my job because it's gonna be a year and a day. There's so much you can do within a year and a day of your life. So many kids you can reach out to, so many TV shows, so much money in a year. And there's a lot of ways to lose all of this in a year. You gotta keep working." (Vibe)

Maino discussed the rapper's likely well-being while locked up earlier this year.

"Me and Tip talk all the time," he said in a recent interview. "And actually, I was at his house the day before, which was Sunday, the day before he went in [May 2009]. He went in Monday. I was at his house, we talked briefly and we talked other times. You know, he's a dude that's been through struggle already. It ain't like he ain't never been to jail before. It's just a hard pill to swallow when you got so much going on. He's a strong dude and I know he's gonna get through it. He knows what it is when he goes in there, he knows how to handle himself and the focus, goal, is to get back there to his family and to his business, music, money and do what you gotta do. In and out. He gonna be all right." (iHipHop)

Other artists close to Tip like Bun B recently spoke with SOHH about the rapper's prison sentence.

"Tip's a very intelligent young man, he's very resourceful," Bun explained. "He has a very sharp sense of understanding life and situations involved in it. I couldn't give him any more advice than what he probably knows already. Just to keep God first, stay focused and do his time don't let his time do him. Prison is not a place to commiserate and make friends at. But like I say, all these things are things that I'm very sure Tip knows already. I'd just tell him to keep his head up like anybody else and make sure he got an address on me and I got one on him. So I can shoot him a kite, send him a picture or two. That sh*t go a long way I don't think people realize. Tip's a good dude he's a smart dude. I'm pretty sure with God on his side, he'll be alright. (SOHH)

Tip is currently scheduled to be released from an Arkansas prison in 2010.

Check out a recent Killer Mike interview below:

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